Abengoa's Solana CSP starts commercial operation.

Abengoa’s Gigantic ‘Salt Battery’ Stores Utility-Scale Solar Energy

The Arizona solar power sector has been thrust into the global spotlight with the startup of the Solana solar plant, the first of…
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PepsiCo’s 4.2 Billion Gallons of Water Conservation Scores Prestigious Water Award

This year the SIWI water conservation award goes to PepsiCo for the food and beverage giant’s achievements in reducing water consumption.

Frito Lay Catches Fire for Mislabeling GMO Products

A lawsuit was filed against Frito-Lay a few weeks ago in federal court for marketing snacks as natural that contain genetically modified, or…
potatoes, soon to be washed by recycled water and turned into chips

Frito-Lay Opens “Near Net Zero” Plant in Arizona

Frito-Lay reopens what will be a “near net zero” plant. The factory will run of mostly renewable energy, operate significantly with recycled water,…

How SunChips Beat the Noise

You probably remember when Frito Lay’s SunChips brand launched their compostable bag in April 2009 to a surprising reception. The company knew that…

How Frito-Lay Can Take Their Compostable Packaging Failure Out of the Dumps

Can failed environmentally-friendly innovations, especially when at the hands of highly visible players, push the sustainability movement two steps back instead of two…
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SunChips: Is Sustainability too Crunchy?

It was just last year, with much fanfare, that I heard about the new biodegradable SunChips bag at Sutustainable Brands 09. And while…

Electric Trucks to Deliver High Tech Chips: Potato Chips That Is

Here’s some crunchy news for you. Usually when we hear about a chip-maker adapting the latest technology, we think of Intel, Motorola or…

Do You Really Care if Sun Chips Bags are Loud?

Thirty-three workers remain underground in a Chilean mine and authorities estimate they will be trapped for several more months. We still do not…

Lay’s Chips and Traveling Farm Exhibit: Well, They Make Me Happy

On August 24th, the six-city Lay’s Mobile Farm tour came to an end in Dallas. The nationwide tour, which kicked off on July…

The SunChips Compostable Bag Claim Combusts

Frito-Lay started the compostable bag rollout in the early spring, announcing that one layer of its bags would include PLA, and that by…

New SunChips Bag: 90% Plant-based, 100% Compostable

Frito Lay Canada (a division of PepsiCo) will roll out the world’s first 100% compostable chip bag in Canadian retail outlets beginning in…

Frito-Lay Partners With Terracycle to Close the Loop on Chip Bags

Frito-Lay has announced plans to partner with ‘Upcycler’ Terracycle to give their chip bags a second life. Frito, which on Earth Day of…
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