Maine’s Governor Helps SFI Win an Important Battle Over FSC

I have to admit that I got it wrong. Last September, I wrote here about the battle between the competing forest products certification…
Black Friday in San Francisco

Victoria’s Secret to Greener Catalogs

If you’re receiving Victoria’s Secret catalogs there’s a good chance the paper they’re printed on will not be the part you’ll be most…

Mattel Says Yes to Greenpeace, No to Rainforest Destruction

Last week, Greenpeace made another impressive victory in its ongoing battle against paper company Asia Pulp and Paper (APP). After a four month…
deep ecology

Hawaiian Business Owners Can Now Choose B-Corporation

In June of this year, Hawaii became the fifth state to pass a law defining credentials local companies must go through to earn…

Seven Companies Stop Using SFI Certified Wood

Here’s a quick green test: What is the eco-label that generates the most controversy? If you answered SFI give yourself an A. Now…

Is Gibson Guitars Unfairly Bullied or Have They Really Screwed Up… Again?

Last week, for the second time in two years, federal agents raided the facilities of Gibson Guitars, probably the most well-known guitar maker…
"Green Grades Report Card" and Sprint scores an A. Courtesy ForestEthics.org

Sprint Scores High Marks for Ethical Paper Sourcing

The non-profit ForestEthics ranked twelve financial and communications firms after gauging how their operations—especially those pesky mailers—affected forests. Sprint scored an A.
A Logging truck, courtesy Edward Parker/WWF-Canon

Kimberly-Clark & WWF Reach Agreement on Ethical Paper Sourcing

Last week WWF and Kimberly-Clark announced the paper consumer products giant’s expansion of its involvement in curbing illegal logging and preserving threatened forests…
An REI store in Mountain View, CA

REI’s Climate Impact Slows While Sales Surge

REI recently released its 2010 Stewardship report, showing how it tries to increase revenues while slowing the effects of its carbon footprint.
FSC forests compared to clearcutted SFI forests

For FSC, Little Time to Waste

This post is part of a blogging series by marketing students at the Presidio Graduate School’s MBA program. You can follow along here.…

Ektorp! IKEA Launches Sustainability Scorecard

IKEA introduced a Sustainability Product Scorecard last year, according to the company’s recently released 2010 sustainability report. The Scorecard classifies IKEA’s products within…

Video Interview: American Forest and Paper Association

Large companies like Walmart can truly move the needle when they declare sustainability.  But even more impactful changes can be made when an…

Campaign against Sustainable Forestry Initiative Escalates

ForestEthics versus SFI. The green industry is overwhelmed by trustmarks and certification organizatons. As a result, consumers don’t know whom to believe anymore.…

Ecounit – An Effective Way to Shift Consumer Behavior Greener Without a Stick

People, when asked, generally want to do the right thing. But outside their own desire and a vague sense of “you should,” how…
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