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Love Free Shipping? Your Home Deliveries Burn 70 Gallons of Fuel a Year

Union of Concerned Scientists estimates our addiction to home delivery burns about 70 gallons of fuel annually per person.

Just the Facts: Sustainable Energy in America

Bloomberg New Energy Finance's third-annual Sustainable Energy in America Factbook is a compendium of accomplishments that points to the fact that the renewable…

Electrified Truck Power-Train Can Cut Fuel Use in Half

Four-year-old California company Wrightspeed, started by Tesla co-founder Ian Wright, has developed a technology that zeros in on a specific niche of the…
fuel economy

BMW i8 Plug-in Hybrid Deliveries Begin in June

Production of the BMW i8 begins in April, for this highly anticipated plug-in hybrid sports car that gets 112 mpg and an all-electric…
Walmart Truck

Walmart’s Concept Hybrid Truck Would Make a More Efficient Fleet

Walmart unveils its futuristic next-generation concept truck with a carbon fiber trailer and aerodynamic cab.
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How to Cut Your Fuel Costs by 15 Cents Per Gallon

If you drive 10,000 miles a year with under-inflated tires then you are not only emitting money out of your tailpipe but also…
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Via Motors Brings Electric Plug-in Heft to the Truck

Last week in Detroit, Via Motors unveiled the concept E-REV VTRUX, a retrofitted GM electric pick-up truck that gets 40 miles of range…

Obama’s Plan For Improved Gas Mileage is Delayed

The new U.S. gas mileage standards for cars that was supposed to be released on August 15th, has been delayed. The final rule…
Peugeot 3008

Peugeot Launches 74 mpg Diesel Hybrid

For those of you, like myself, who have been wondering when someone would get around to combining the two highest-mileage automobile propulsion strategies,…

The Next Generation of Eco-Labels: Finally Influencing the Purchasing Decision

If you’re car shopping next month, you may come across the most user-friendly and informative eco-label ever designed. For 2012 model year cars,…
The Nissan LEAF - range panned by BBC's Top Gear

BBC’s Top Gear Laughs at Nissan LEAF’s Expense

I’m going to make an assertion here. Any car enthusiast is, by definition, a fan of the BBC show Top Gear. Unless of…

Tougher Fuel Economy Standards Could Add 236,000 California Jobs

A new report released this week on fuel economy and emissions standards for the state of California concludes that the idea there is…

Sonata Hybrid Goes Coast to Coast, Stopping to Fill Up Only Once

Imagine driving across the country, from San Diego, CA to Jekyll Island Georgia. You fill up the car once at the beginning of…

Green Car Rally: The Rookie Chevy Volt Versus the Veteran Toyota Prius

General Motors has been inundated in recent years with nothing but bad news. After filing for bankruptcy and receiving a controversial government bailout,…

Pulstar’s Pulse Plugs: Increasing fuel economy?

The print advertisement for Pulstar pulse plugs claims they are “an alternative to spark plugs that are scientifically proven to improve your car’s…