The Future of Fair Trade

A 3p series in partnership with Fair Trade USA.
Fair Trade USA enables sustainable development and community empowerment by cultivating a more equitable global trade model that benefits farmers, workers, consumers, industry and the earth. We achieve our mission by certifying and promoting Fair Trade products.

Join us as we explore the benefits, challenges and opportunities of Fair Trade in partnership with Triple Pundit, and the amazing companies and producers with whom we work.

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Numi Tea Brings Fair Trade to Madagascan Turmeric Farmers

Turmeric Farm - Zoomout

One year ago today, there was a very limited supply of Fair Trade Certified turmeric on the market. Wanting to utilize the root in a new collection, the folks at Numi Tea found themselves faced with two options: develop a line of turmeric teas that were not certified Fair Trade, or help an existing turmeric farm become certified. As you can probably imagine, the second option won their hearts.

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Fair Trade Goes Full Circle on Supply Chains

Chemonges Janet, a single mother of 7 children, says her Fair Trade co-op has helped her learn to compost for fertilizer, get new coffee  trees when old ones decline, and she also received an eco-friendly stove through the community development premium

October is Fair Trade month. Today we reflect on how far the movement has come and how it allows customers to give back to workers and consumers alike.

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From Coffee and Tea to Fish in the Sea: A New Frontier of Fair Trade

A Fair Trade fishing village in Indonesia.

Fishermen are often on the losing end of global trade, facing low market prices and lack of tools to improve resource management. Fair Trade USA believes there is a missing piece to this complex, yet critically important and ever-evolving puzzle – that we cannot have truly sustainable seafood unless we make sustainable livelihoods for fishing communities a top priority.

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5 Things You May Not Know About Fair Trade Apparel

Garment workers

How does Fair Trade fit into the sustainable apparel dialogue, and what distinguishes it?

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Help Save the Cocoa Industry – Buy Fair Trade Chocolate This Valentine’s Day

Raul Zambrano, from Ecuador, scoops cacao beans recently dried in a tumbler

It’s Valentine’s Day, and in supermarkets, drug stores and specialty shops across the country, shelves are lined with chocolates of every shape, size and variety. As you browse through endless heart-shaped boxes, consider this: The chocolate industry is in jeopardy, and if things don’t change, there could be a worldwide cocoa deficit by the year 2020.

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Coffee in Crisis: The Silent Disaster You’ve Never Heard Of

Small-scale farmer, Guatemala

A look at two major crises that are threatening the livelihoods of farmers and workers across the globe, and how Fair Trade can be part of the solution.

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A Look at Fair Trade in the Wake of Bangladesh

Fair Trade factory in India

Fair Trade USA explores how the Rana Plaza tragedy might be a tipping point for the apparel industry, as more consumers seek ethical alternatives and more brands look to bring greater transparency and impact to their supply chains.

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FairTrade USA Ramps Up Fight Against Coffee Rust in Central America

coffee rust, Central America, Fair Trade, Fair Trade USA, Rust Response Fund, Hemieia Vastatrix, Ben Corey-Moran, coffee farmers, arabica coffee, coffee, Guatemala

Fair Trade USA launched the Rust Response Fund, to which we will contribute a minimum of $50,000 to fight the spread of coffee rust in Central America.

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How Collaboration Creates Fair Trade from Farm-to-Shelf


How can groups that are passionate about making change work together to solve an intricate and complicated problem that spans the globe?

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Fair Trade Romance? Why Fair Trade Flowers Matter on Valentine’s Day

Fair Trade Certified roses

This Valentine’s Day, give that special someone a bouquet of beautiful red roses AND support the farmers and workers that grew them. Fair Trade Certified™ flowers are a great way to celebrate this 700-year-old holiday—a way to share the love with folks at home and give special thanks to farmers and workers abroad.

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Attention Shoppers: Your Holiday Purchases Have Power


With 70 percent of the American economy based on consumer spending, holiday shoppers have the leverage to use that spending power for social good. Depending on the products you choose, your purchases in the next several days could help improve lives and protect fragile ecosystems across the globe.

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Why Choose Fair Trade?

fair trade

In honor of Fair Trade month, Fair Trade USA produced this great infographic to show what happens when you purchase fair trade products. Click through to enlarge, or visit the main page to view the dynamic version. If you like what you see, take the Fair Trade pledge.

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Fair Trade Changes Lives – Can it Preserve Culture?

Migoel with coffee

Author Kelsey Timmerman has traveled around the world meeting the people who catch, pick, and grow our food while conducting research for his upcoming book. He reflects about his visit to Nabusimake, the heart of the heart of the world.

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Fair Trade: How to Vote with Your Wallet

Elba Vilorio Ramirez is proud of her Fair Trade cacao

Walking the grocery store aisles can be daunting if you know a thing or two about international supply chains. In honor of Fair Trade month, Fair Trade USA released this video about how to vote with your wallet when it comes time for your weekly grocery trip.

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First Fair Trade Certified Coffee Estate Already Improving Lives

at bus with workers FNSF

Within 3 months of certification the first Fair Trade coffee estate’s 110 workers (40% of whom are women) earned $7,250 in community development premiums, which they elected to invest in critical healthcare programs.

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From Field to Cup: Why It’s Important to Know the Story of Fair Trade Tea

Dazhangshan - Loukeng - Yu Xiying mit - Teeblättern in Teegarten

The tea supply chain is a complex trade network with many different players. Each and every farmer, worker, exporter, importer, processor, auctioneer, buying agent, retailer, café worker and tea drinker in the chain played an important role in bringing you the world’s favorite beverage.

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Why Fair Trade Matters to Working Women Everywhere

Women plucking tea in India_Nora Pittenger

Fair Trade Certified farms empower women, not only through labor protections required by the Fair Trade standards, but also through opportunities for education, scholarships, leadership roles, and micro-finance programs. Fair Trade gives women a voice in a sector where many are invisible.

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Why Fair Trade Means Protecting the Environment, Too


When people think of Fair Trade, they might think of fair prices for farmers, better labor standards, or maybe even safe working conditions – but what people often forget about is that Fair Trade is equally invested in protecting the environment.  Fair Trade not only helps improve farmers’ living and working conditions, but also helps them become better stewards of the land.

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