Futureproof Brands

In this series of videos, Marc Stoiber explores how brands can futureproof themselves to succeed in a rapidly evolving world. Insight, purpose, sustainability, design, social, innovation – all are key attributes of futureproof brands that he digs into and weaves together.

Join Stoiber, a creative director and brand strategist whose background spans advertising, sustainability and innovation, on this journey to creating more robust, profitable and sustainable brands.


#NowTrending: Enlightened Brands

Enlightened brands are brands that have evolved to a higher state of consciousness. They take real, meaningful, sometimes even painful, action to make…

Why Futureproof Brands Need Intuitive Design

One of  the key elements of a futureproof brand is design. Not a logo, not a color palette, mind you. But design that…

Why Every Futureproof Brand Needs to Understand History

In this video - the fifth in a series on futureproof brands, Marc Stoiber touches on why companies like Kodak and Smith-Corona didn't…
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How Futureproof Brands Thrive in a Chaotic World

Four major disruptive forces in modern society cause brand upheaval. How can your brand learn to survive, and thrive in the chaos?
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Futureproof Brands And Market Transformation

If you're building a sustainable, resilient brand, chances are you're going to influence the market as well as consumers. But how do you…

The First Rule Of Futureproof Brands

Know yourself, know your target. Sounds like a simple enough rule for building a strong brand. But you'd be surprised how many brands…