Pokemon Jeremy

Pokémon Go and the Power of Social Influence

Even if Pokémon Go is just a flash in the pan, it’s interesting to see how it changed the game when it comes…
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UNICEF Gamifies Giving Water, S’well Makes Water Bottles Fashionable

To save someone's life, all you have to do is set your phone down for a few minutes, go for a walk and…

Gamers to the Rescue: ‘Huge’ Energy Savings Potential In Computer Gaming

A new study lifts the curtain on the computer gaming community's carbon footprint, adding a new twist to social-impact gaming and consumer engagement.
Hot Wheels Tray

Is Mattel, the World’s Largest Toy Company, Playing Responsibly?

Mattel's newest report shows the goals it has set and progress it has made toward sustainability.

Health Insurer Humana Gamifies Fitness

Humana, a Fortune 100 healthcare company, recently got serious about its commitments: it published its first CSR report and is busy embedding CSR into…

London’s Traffic Woes in Lead to the Olympics

While in London last week, I was surprised that there was no tangible excitement in the lead up to the Olympic Games. In fact, London…

How Baseball Could Usher in a Greener American Future

Major League Baseball broke the color barrier 7 years before The Supreme Court ruled in favor of desegregation. Today, MLB is stepping up…
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Playing for Good: New Social Games to Benefit Nonprofits

Social gamers will soon be playing to help nonprofits working on social problems.

Leveraging Game Mechanics to Spread Sustainability: Four Rules

By Eric Liu and Connie Kwan Children explore the real world through play, while ironically, adults play games to escape the real world. …