Gap: CSR & Sustainability News

The Gap, Inc. is a global specialty retailer operating retail and outlet stores selling casual apparel, accessories and personal care products for men, women and children under the Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy brands. The Company operates stores in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Japan.

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  • Elvia Almachi, 32, holds a bundle of recently harvested Fair Trade-certified roses. Elvia has been working at Agrogana for 12 years, and has been part of the Fair Trade committee. She has two daughters, 9 and 12. Elvia and her husband Luis Alberto Villegas, also an Agrogana employee, both participate in the weekend adult school program paid by the Fair Trade Premium.
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Gaps (and Milestones) in Gap’s Recent CSR Report

On Monday Gap Inc. released its fifth social and environmental responsibility report. This report includes the company’s accomplishments in 2009-2010, goals for the…

How Gap Became the Poster Boy for Strategic Stakeholder Engagement

Many companies still consider stakeholder engagement a good idea they’ll consider sometime in the future when they’ll have the time and resources. But…
Habitat for Humanity provides opportunities for corporations to serve their communities.

Creating Big Impacts Through Community Engagement

There is a growing public expectation that companies should give back to their communities in an authentic, meaningful way. Companies are taking notice…

Why Cause Marketing Benefits the Bottom Line

This post is part of a series in anticipation of the Sustainable Brands 2011 conference of which 3p is a media partner. Over…
Gap, Inc, is one Sustainable Apparel Coalition partner

Clothing Industry Giants Launch Sustainable Apparel Coalition

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), which includes Nike, Gap Inc, H&M, Levi Strauss, Marks & Spencer, and Patagonia, will work to lead the…

Boycotting Canada: More Companies Say No to the Tar Sands

The advocacy group Forest Ethics is urging that Americans refrain from buying gasoline that comes from Alberta's tar sands. Alberta's businesses are not…

Waste of Paper or Wellspring of Opportunity? The True Value of CSR Reports

Some skeptics question the value of corporate social responsibility reports.  They point to the resources expended on producing these documents and demand  “Who…

What to Report on? How Two CSR Leaders Decide

We’ve all seen them.  Corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports weighing it at nearly 100 pages, crammed with charts and graphs, and gray with…

Gap (RED) turning rivers blue in Lesotho

When the bigger picture comes to light, the intersection of social and environmental sustainability can get complicated… A devastating article in the Sunday…

The Key to the Gap’s Sustainability Success: An Interview with Kindley Walsh-Lawlor

It is one thing to start a green by design eco-fashion company, and an entirely different thing to direct a ~$16B clothing retailer…