Technology for Good:
A Historical Perspective from GE

TriplePundit is excited to be working with GE on a series this month looking at the company's innovation for the better good over the last 130+ years. Specifically, we'll be introducing a remarkable new online application that presents every one of GE's annual reports since 1892. It's an impressive trove of documentation in an equally impressive format - easily scannable for innovations by category.
We're most excited about the fact that GE has made a great effort to highlight the social and environmental importance of many of their innovations. Sometimes this manifest in subtle ways: The first night baseball game in 1935 made healthful recreation far more accessible to folks with day jobs. Other innovations are more obvious - GE's long standing commitment to wind energy and more recent eco-magination campaigns are other notable highlights.

Something else we've talked about on 3p for a long time is the phasing out of traditional paper-bound annual reports (as well as CSR and other types). It's not just about saving trees. Putting annual reports online in a creative, interactive way greatly increases the likelihood they'll actually be read. That's an opportunity to increase transparency and dialogue across stakeholders - something we all welcome.
GE is a 3p Sponsor.

GE’s Data Visualization Tool Reveals Demographic Shifts in America

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The following post received sponsorship from GE and fits in with our ongoing series on Technology for Good. About a month ago, we teamed up with GE to bring you a series of articles focusing on the company’s impressive data visualization tools. At the time we were talking mostly about the way GE used their tools to […]

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Technology for Good: GE’s Manufacturing a Long Trail of Innovation

GE, ge technology for good, plastic, vacuum tubes, manufacturing, television, radio, silicone, nanotechnology, biomimicry, calrod,

Both GE’s size and scope of its manufacturing have grown exponentially beyond the company’s manufacturing plant expansion in Schenectady, New York 110 years ago. Beyond the size of its manufacturing facilities across the globe, the company has had an enormous impact on just about every manufactured item we can see or touch today.

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Technology for Good: GE’s Progress on Cancer Research and Treatment

GE technology for good, GE, Leon Kaye, cancer, cancer treatment, GE Healthcare, innovation, data visualization

For almost half a century GE has been on the front lines of cancer research, combining technology and a culture innovation to fight against cancer.

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Technology for Good: GE’s Evolution from Financier to Green Tech Start-up Investor

GE, ecomagination, GE Capital, Project Frog, ecomagination challenge, ge technology for good, data visualization, energy efficient building

In 1905 GE established its financial services business with the launch of a small utility finance company. Now as we face an uncertain 21st century, GE is now a global green business financier.

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Technology For Good: GE Curing and Innovation From X-rays to Women’s Health

GE technology for good, womens health care, health care, curing, GE, infographics, data visualization tool, breast cancer, womens health

Since the 1970s, GE innovation has improved curing and the quality of health care, from cancer to strokes. Now GE leads with its attention paid to women’s health care.

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Technology for Good: A Half Century of GE Solar

GE, GE technology for good, solar, solar energy, solar power, photovoltaic, GE solar, ecomagination

GE’s interest in solar energy began during the space age and over 50 years later, has an impact on everything from transportation to modern electricity grids.

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Technology for Good: GE’s Journey For Better and More Efficient Light

GE Technology for Good, GE, incandescent bulbs, OLEDs, LED, CFLs, compact fluorescent lightbulbs, Thomas Edison, innovation, Leon Kaye, electric lamps, Savoy Theater, electric light, tungsten filaments, incandescent, incandescent bulb, Lucalox, halogen, energy efficiency, LEDs, organic light-emitting diode, light-emitting diode, GE Global Research, printable OLEDs, GE Lumination, VIO white LED, smart grid

Second in our GE Technology for Good Series, Leon Kaye explores the company’s long journey from incandescent light bulbs to LED technologies that push the bounds of innovation.

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Introduction to Technology for Good: A Historical Perspective From GE


This is the first in a series of Technology for Good: A Historical Perspective From GE. We start with the toaster, which for over 100 years has been a driver of GE’s innovation. After Thomas Edison spent several years developing a wire that could heat without melting in the open air, GE’s first electric toaster was released to market in 1905.

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