General Electric (GE)

General Electric Company or GE, is an American multinational conglomerate corporation incorporated in Schenectady, New York and headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut, United States. General Electric Company (GE) is a diversified technology and financial services corporation. The products and services of the Company range from aircraft engines, power generation, water processing, and household appliances to medical imaging, business and consumer financing and industrial products.

In 2011, Fortune ranked GE the 6th largest firm in the U.S., as well as the 14th most profitable. Other rankings for 2011 include #7 company for leaders (Fortune), #5 best global brand (Interbrand), #82 green company (Newsweek), #13 most admired company (Fortune), and #19 most innovative company (Fast Company).


GE Takes Steps to Ensure EVs Arrive Sooner: Will Buy 12,000

Synergy has been used too often in marketing campaigns, but it’s still a wonderful word, and it does describe an emerging trend in…

Can Manufacturing Come Back to the U.S.?

American manufacturing can recover. Cheap oversees labor does not always translate into lowered manufacturing costs. NCR, Farouk Systems, and Ford Motor Company have…
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New Opportunities and Conflicts for Sustainable Investors

The Boston investment firm Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management has produced a new paper called “Capital and Climate Change” arguing that climate change is…

VCs, Start-Ups and Others Converge To Talk Green Tech

By Ellisa Feinstein GoingGreen Silicon Valley conference, a two and a half day conference which started last night, comes on the heels of…
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GE’s GeoSpring Hybrid Electric Water Heater Saves $320 Annually, Plus Breaks Fossil Fuel Dependency

A few years ago, the water heater at my house gave out.  I had recently installed a 1.8 kW solar PV system on…
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Training Whales to Tow Ships? Applicants to GE’s Ecomagination Challenge Full of Ideas, Lack Grasp of Laws of Physics

A few weeks after the big announcement in San Francisco by GE CEO Jeff Immelt that GE would be cosponsoring a “crowdsourcing” challenge…

Four Reasons NGOs and Non-Profits Should Publish Sustainability Reports

Non-profits and NGOs should publish sustainability reports as corporations do for several reasons.
The Beluga Skysails, thanks to GE innovation

GE and EDF Partner on “Treasure Hunts” to Improve Energy Efficiency

GE, which has engaged in energy efficiency "treasure hunts" since 2005, has brought on the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF); the organizations’ combined efforts…

How Wind Powers GE Ecomagination’s Growth

Utility scale wind power plants have emerged as a global low cost renewable energy resource. In this second part of my video interview…

GE Ecomagination’s Plans For DOUBLING Cleantech Revenues

Exclusive interview by Bill Roth, founder of Earth 2017 and author of The Secret Green Sauce with Steve Fludder, Corporate VP for GE…

GE’s $200Million Ecomagination Challenge

Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, headlined a conference in San Francisco today, announcing three major initiatives that GE is committing to, in order…

GE Holding Press Conference in San Francisco This Morning–Smart Grid and Electric Vehicle Announcement Forthcoming

GE’s ecomagination program–out of the blue two months ago–became a sponsor of the Bay Area Green Business Meetup Group, which I co-chair with…

FAA Awards $125 Million for Sustainable Aviation

Whenever I check my carbon footprint, I always do extremely well—until I get to the end when they ask the inevitable questions about…

GE To Double Green R&D to $10 Billion by 2015

General Electric has already invested $5 billion in research and development for its ecomagination line of energy efficient and environmentally friendly products and…

Energy Independence Begins at Home

Imagine how secure you would feel having your own energy source sitting on your roof as you watched energy prices go soaring through…
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