New IPCC Report: The World is On Track for a Hefty Temperature Increase

If the world continues down its current carbon-spewing course, global temperatures will hit a staggering 4.8 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels by the…

PNW Ports Set Ambitious Clean Air Goals

The Pacific Northwest ports of Seattle, Tacoma and Vancouver, BC want to reduce diesel particulate matter emissions by 75 percent per ton of…
Obama gives a major speech on climate change at Georgetown University on June 25, 2013

Will Obama’s Climate Action Plan Save the World?

Obama's climate plan is far reaching, given today's political climate, but still not aggressive enough to stop the worst impacts of global warming.
crossroads power lines

What is the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard?

The need for deriving financial value from under-utilized resources, for cost savings in energy consumption, and the necessity of fulfilling each organizations bottom…
love pieces

Why I Love the Sustainability Report Assurance Process

A geeky confession from the sustainability report editor at UPS.
EPA logo

No More Hiding: EPA’s Carbon Emissions Database Goes Live

As promised by the EPA, the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions are now mapped for all to see, and it’s not a pretty sight.…

Puma Updates Environmental Profit & Loss Statement

Releasing a profit and loss statement on the environmental and social impact of a company’s performance is a bold move. First of all,…
Greenhouse Gas Footprint

Greenhouse Gas Inventory: The Importance of Setting Clear Boundaries

By David Jaber Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are one of the most widely accepted sustainability performance indicators of our time, which makes them…

Are Forests Breathing Easier? Thank City Dwellers

Urbanization and going back to nature seem like incompatible concepts, but there’s a body of evidence that says increasing migration to cities has…

EPA, SEC Take the Lead on U.S. Environmental Progress

Businesses beg for definitive rulings on issues such as carbon pricing and environmental social governance (ESG) reporting requirements, meanwhile the legislature clamors (successfully)…

The Source of the 19¢ Banana

Trader Joe’s shoppers are probably familiar with the store’s incredible deal on bananas- 19¢ apiece for conventionally grown and 29¢ for organic. I’ve…

Developing Countries Pledging Bigger Emissions Cuts

Developing countries are pledging larger greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions than developed countries, a new study for Oxfam by the Stockholm Environment Institute…

Study: Biodegradable Products Bad for Climate?

Biodegradable products are becoming more and more common these days.  Just when you thought we were heading in the right direction, it turns…

Partners Beyond Carbon: Cargill and EOS Climate

Cargill and EOS Climate have partnered up to curb emissions from aging refrigerators and air conditioners.  This is a relationpship where each company…
CA governors

Terminating the GHG Debate: CA Governors Schwarzenegger and Davis

The connection between greenhouse gasses (GHG) and global warming is a difficult one for many Americans to grasp. The connection may be obvious…
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