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Campbell’s Comes Out in Support of Federal GMO Labeling

Campbell Soup Co. announced that it will now support federal legislation that establishes a standard for GMO labeling. Perhaps even more importantly, Campbell’s…

Millennials Take On Monsanto

Why Monsanto will never rule the food world: The three-prong movement that’s stopping the beast in its tracks.
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Big Food Battles Vermont Over GMO-Labeling Law

'Big Food' -- as four food manufacturing associations are being called -- has launched a lawsuit against Vermont in an effort to stop…

Tiny Vermont Adds Clout to GMO Labeling Legislation

Size has never seemed to bother the tiny state of Vermont. The first to pass a bill requiring labeling of all GMO foods,…

GMO Labeling Now Law in Connecticut (Well, Sort Of)

Last week, Connecticut became the first state to require labeling on all foods containing GMO ingredients. But there are a few curious caveats…
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Honest Tea Increases Organic Purchases and Fair Trade Premiums

Honest Tea increase organic ingredient purchases by 13 percent, and increased its Fair Trade premiums by 19 percent.
GMO labeling

GMO Activists Take Labeling Battle to Washington State

After the narrow defeat of California’s genetically modified (GMO) labeling ballot initiative, Prop 37, supporters vowed to fight on. They shifted their focus…

Chipotle Becomes First Fast Food Chain to Disclose GMO Information

Chipotle is the first fast food chain to disclose whether its ingredients are genetically modified.
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Monsanto Buys the Senate and Democracy Buys the Farm

Now we are declaring biotech chemical companies to be above the law, essentially allowing them to do whatever they want, eliminating what little…
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A GMO-Free New Mexico? Land of Enchantment to Debate Labeling

GMO-free green chile? New Mexico state Sen. Peter Wirth filed an amendment to the state’s food act to require labeling of GMO food…
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Near Death of Proposition 37 Proves California’s Initiative Process Needs Reform

Whatever your opinion is on Proposition 37, the proposition which would require companies operating in California to provide labels if their foods contain…
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Yogurt Company Launches Pro-Prop 37 Food Labeling as Measure’s Support Falters

Strauss Family Creamery of Petaluma released new pro-Proposition 37 packaging on its yogurt and milk containers.

Monsanto Was For GMO Food Labeling Before It Was Against It

During the last 1990s, Monsanto ran advertisements in the United Kingdom that supported GMO food labeling. But in California there is a change…
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GMO Labeling: Does Proposition 37 Pit “Children” Against “Parents?”

A number of small organic food companies are at odds with their parent corporations when it comes to the question of organic food…
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Monsanto Outspending Top 10 Pro-Prop 37 Supporters 2 to 1

The fight over California’s Proposition 37 and GMOs heats up; opponents such as Monsanto wail that the sky would fall if the measure…