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U.S. and China Ratify Paris Agreement: A Tipping Point?

This momentous announcement tips the balance toward a quick entry into force of the Agreement by the end of 2016 — if not…

Two Years Later: Did Obamacare Really Expand Healthcare Access?

We are two years into the greatest national healthcare experiment in American history. And experts are poring over data to determine the success…

In a Step Forward for Oceans, Obama Expands Largest Protected Area on Earth

The expansion preserves some of the world’s most pristine coral reefs and other marine ecosystems where new species are frequently discovered.

Insurers to G-20: Stop Fossil Fuel Subsidies

In an open letter, top insurance companies ask G-20 leaders to phase-out all fossil fuel subsidies by 2020. And that's not all.

Life After Coal: Spotlight Shifts to Natural Gas Emissions

Now that natural gas has claimed the No. 1 power generation title from coal, the industry should probably brace for an increase in…

Congressional Climate Science Witch Hunt to Start Hearings

U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith will continue his crusade against parties investigating ExxonMobil with a hearing later this month.

Framing Climate Change: Values Matter

The climate change debate comes down to identity, and it is time we started talking about it in that framework.

Calling All Startup Entrepreneurs: Worker Visa Program Helps Expand New Businesses

After several frustrating years of trying to establish immigration reform, President Obama has finally come up with a way to help immigrants caught…

Tanning Salon Owners: Obamacare Killed the Tanning Bed

Tanning salon owners say Obamacare is killing their industry. Tanning bed visits are down as 10,000 of 18,000 tanning salons nationwide have closed.…

As the Election Heats Up, Voters Could Propel Carbon Taxes

All eyes are on the presidential election. But it’s important to remember that, come November, Americans will be voting for far more than…

Donald Trump’s Hidden Agenda: White Nationalist Media Mogul?

Pundits are still trying to figure out what motivated Donald Trump to run for president.

U.N. Finally Acknowledges Its Role In Haiti Cholera Epidemic

After it was struck with a deadly earthquake in 2010, Haiti endured yet another tragedy: its first cholera outbreak. The U.N. initially denied…

Univision’s Jorge Ramos Takes A Whack At ‘Silent’ Trump Supporters

Influential journalist and Univision anchorman Jorge Ramos penned an op-ed aimed at Peter Thiel and other high-profile Trump supporters.

Donald Trump, Melania, Peter Thiel Bond Over Media Bashing

Peter Thiel and Donald Trump have both made their distaste for the media known and now a lawyer they both employ is scattershotting…

Agreement Strengthens EPA’s Ability to Protect Clean Water

In a big step forward for clean water, a coalition of environmental groups succeeded in forcing the Environmental Protection Agency to adopt stricter…