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Considering Hillary Clinton’s Plan for College Debt

Having vanquished Bernie Sanders in the race to the White House, Clinton announced a new and improved plan to alleviate the burdens of…

Obama May Struggle to Ink European Trade Deal Post-Brexit

International trade deals are never easy. Still, figuring out who is on first and second base post-Brexit adds a whole new dimension to…
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Wasserman Schultz’s Resignation a Lesson for Both Politics and Business

Despite all the partisan accusations thrown at former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the real lesson here is fundamental: Know what to email,…

Inside Venezuela’s Food Shortages

Venezuela's social crisis is widening and even those with money for food struggle to find products on the shelves. With spiraling food shortages…
With its substantial purchasing power, the public sector is in a position to move the market toward sustainably-sourced commodities like timber and palm oil.

Sustainability, Public Procurement and the Future of Our Forests

Policymakers need to recognize that sustainability criteria in public procurement can go a long way in saving our forests. The sheer volume and…

US-EU Transatlantic Trade Offers Biofuel Incentives But Puts Climate at Risk, Say Critics

Environmental organizations say the Transatlantic Treaty and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will be a disaster for the environment if it goes through. And if…
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Follow The Money: Why PayPal’s Peter Thiel Won a Key Slot at RNC 2016

This certainly is a good election cycle for strange stories, and one of the strangest involves high-flying Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel.

3p Weekend: Why The Republican Platform Should Concern Environmentalists

EPA? Who needs it? Keep it in the ground? Pfft... forget that. Carbon tax? Hell no! These gems and more sum up why…
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The First Amendment is a Check on Government, Not a Cover for Trolls

The level of trolling on social media once again reached disturbing heights this week, as "Ghostbusters" star Leslie Jones became the target of…

The Bill of Rights: Speech and Guns in the Private Workplace

What rights do employees have under the Bill of Rights? When it comes to the private workplace, surprisingly little. We speak with experts…
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Tension Heats Up Over the South China Sea, Shows No Signs of Cooling

Last week, an international arbitration court ruled that China has no territorial rights to the Spratly Islands, nor to the South China Sea.…
RNC 2016 Peter Thiel

At RNC in Cleveland, PayPal’s Peter Thiel Will ‘Make America One Again’

Silicon Valley A-lister Peter Thiel nailed a highly coveted speaker's role at the RNC, just two slots away from the star of the…
Oysters growing on artificial reefs along the Alabama coastline. Photo credit: ©  Andrew Kornylak

Nature: A Better, Faster, Cost-Effective Answer for Climate Resilience?

Living shorelines and nature-based solutions reduce climate-related risks to communities and infrastructure, says the Nature Conservancy.
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On Algae Bloom, Obama Tells Florida: You Figure It Out

Florida’s Treasure Coast has become inundated with algae blooms. After resisting federal regulations that could have prevented the problem, Florida politicians are asking…

Oil Weakening, Could be Headed Down Coal’s Path

A new report from the nonprofit As You Sow analyzes the state of the oil industry. And researchers found several trends that should…