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New Univision Op-Ed Nails Donald Trump, Dings Peter Thiel

A new op-ed published by Univision hits Donald Trump on immigration, and the same could apply to Trump supporters like Silicon Valley's Peter…

Does Digital Currency Pose a Threat to the Banking System?

A bloc of Australian banks is petitioning the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to make Apple give them the secret to Apple…
Peter Thiel Donald Trump NYT

Peter Thiel Exposes His Own Media Bias, Twisted World View

Silicon Valley A-lister and Donald Trump supporter Peter Thiel tries to redeem his bad reputation in a New York Times op-ed, but he…
Wind turbines above The Nature Conservancy's Hole In The Mountain Prairie near Lake Benton, Minnesota. Photo © Richard Hamilton Smith

Lead, Follow or Get Out of The Way

The energy sector of our global economy has long been due for an overhaul. We need cleaner sources, an upgraded grid and new…
US Army solar Fort Detrick

Half A Billion Solar Panels By 2021: U.S. Army Makes It Look Easy

The U.S. Army is plunging forward with solar projects that make Hillary Clinton's ambitious solar power goal look like a done deal.
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Donald Trump’s Childcare Plan Would Benefit Few Parents

Lost in the loud buzz over Donald Trump’s ongoing comments was the inclusion of childcare within the Trump economic plan.
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ExxonMobil Pays Lip Service to a Carbon Tax

Despite public statements, a review of ExxonMobil’s campaign contributions -- especially during this election cycle -- indicates the company is funding climate deniers.
Will more offshore wind farms, like this one off England’s southeast coast, begin popping up in the Americas?

This Action Plan is Changing the Future of Offshore Wind, and More People Need to Know

New ocean policies may open up investment opportunities in offshore wind energy. The Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Action Plan spells out how the federal…

Why the White House is Counting on Energy Storage

Michael Grasso, chief marketing officer of Sunrun, looks to the future of energy storage in light of the recent White House commitment on…
A social-impact startup is out to solve the U.K.'s refugee integration problem with tea.

The U.K.’s Refugee Integration Curse

A social-impact startup is out to solve the U.K.'s refugee integration problem with tea.

How a Bad GMO Bill Becomes Law

Well folks, it's a fact. The U.S. now has a federal GMO-labeling law. But just what the heck does it do? You'll be…
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Reader Beware: Think Tanks and Universities Increasingly for Hire by Companies

Scholars and researchers affiliated with the nation's top think tanks often moonlight as corporate board members, lobbyists and outside consultants, a New York…
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Donald Trump Revives the Wind Energy ‘Bird Death Conspiracy’

Donald Trump gave his supporters yet another conspiracy theory, claiming that environmentalists are covering up bird deaths linked to wind turbines.
2-MW single-axis-tracking photovoltaic system at Sacramento Municipal Utility District's Rancho Seco facility in Sacramento, California - Image accredited to Warren Gretz,  NREL & DOE

Data Communications and The Revolution in the U.S. Electric Grid

A revolution is underfoot in which each utility customer has the potential to become its own mini-power plant and a supplier of electricity.

Bringing Solar to Everyone

Thus far, rooftop solar incentives have gone mostly to well-off homeowners in major cities, leaving Americans in remote regions, and the poor, out…