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How California Plans To Make Water Conservation a ‘Way of Life’

A plan put forth by California agencies at the behest of Gov. Jerry Brown aims to make water conservation a "way of life"…

Trump Tweets, Toyota Retorts

Another day, another tweet: Toyota responds to Trump and the company has no intention of halting construction on its new manufacturing plant in…

The Climate Trust’s Top 10 Carbon Market Trends for 2017

The Climate Trust offers its Top 10 annual predictions about the carbon market events, policies and ideas that will matter in 2017.

U.S. Military Keeps Hydrogen Spark Alive with Muscular SUVs and Drones

The U.S. Department of Defense gives vital support for the domestic hydrogen and fuel cell industry as it breaks into the mainstream energy…

Trump EPA Nominee Would Trash Air And Water Safeguards

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt sued the Environmental Protection Agency more than a dozen times to block air, water and climate protections. But…

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Economy Slowing, Not Stopping In Connecticut

Connecticut's hydrogen and fuel cell industry hit two big roadblocks in recent months, but prospects look good for long-term growth.

Group Calls Out FedEx on NRA Discount in Florida

Gun reform advocates are calling on FedEx to stop providing steep discounts for NRA member businesses, which have a large presence in Florida.

Wind and Solar Costs Are Plummeting: Now What Do We Do?

New research shows renewables are now the cheapest available sources of electricity in many areas. This flips the question of clean-versus-cost on its…

The Greenwashing of Carpet Waste Management

Six years ago, California signed into law the country's first carpet waste management legislation. But the state's carpet recycling rate is actually falling.…

3p Weekend: Longreads for the New Year

Make the most of that holiday downtime with some of TriplePundit's best original reporting on topics that are sure to stick around in…

Meet the New EPA Fracking Report, Same as the Old EPA Fracking Report

The final EPA fracking report is met with outrage by oil and gas stakeholders, just 18 months after they praised a draft version…

With Peter Thiel and Palantir, Greenwashing Takes New Form

Facebook's Peter Thiel has maneuvered his data mining company Palantir into a top position, but risks undermining his pro-privacy, libertarian principles.

3p Weekend: The Biggest CSR Stories of 2016 — Updated

To make sure you're caught up before that holiday party, we're taking a look back at the year's biggest news items -- and…

Trump Keeps Tweeting, Jobs Keep Marching to Mexico

Automation and globalization are two powerful manufacturing trends that can't be reversed with a tweet (or two, or even three).

6 Disruptive Changes That Rocked 2016 and Will Shape Your Future

Donald Trump’s election appears to be the year’s obvious mega disruptive change. But it is actually just the tip the iceberg.