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Green IT and Data Center issues

This series focuses on the trends, challenges, and opportunities for greening data centers, and how they fit within the larger business and environmental contexts

Data centers, like this Google facility in Dalles, Oregon, may be using more energy than reported, a new study finds.

New Data Debunks Some Data Centers’ Clean Energy Claims

Recent claims by owners of large data centers that a large part of their operations are powered by renewable energy have skeptics coming…
Mäntsälä, Finland, will soon heat its water using waste heat from a nearby data center.

Finnish Town Looks to a Data Center for Hot Water

Mäntsälä, Finland, will soon heat its water using waste heat from a nearby data center.

Old Sears and Kmart Stores Get Repurposed as Data Centers

When a big box retailer shutters a store, it leaves behind a big, vacant building. Sears Holdings closed 333 Sears and Kmart stores…

‘Cloud Computing King’ Salesforce to Power Data Centers with Renewables

Salesforce, the software-as-a-service company that Bloomberg Businessweek recently called "a cloud computing king," announced last week that it is "committing to work to…

The Sustainable Data Center of the Future

Data is the biggest environmental pressure being placed on the world today as the emissions from massive data centers break new global restrictions…
Microsoft's carbon neutral green data center will use biogas

Microsoft Dips a Toe in Wastewater-to-Energy

Microsoft has been pushing the green data center trend for a number of years and now the company is ready to embark on…

A Growing and Power Hungry Internet

Very few people consciously think about what the real impact of the Internet is on the environment.
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BMW Switches to Iceland Data Center to Reduce Carbon Emissions

BMW will relocate some of its high performance computing programs to a 45-acre green data center complex in southwestern Iceland.
More data centers mean more energy consumption

NY Times Story About Data Center Energy Shows Why Fossil Fuels Are History

The sleek energy efficient image of Internet-based companies masks a primitive world of energy overconsumption and mismanagement.

Is the Internet Killing our Climate?

Although negligible on their own, the cumulative effect of all that internet time is a “definite environmental impact” that has long gone overlooked.…
bloom energy supplies fuel cells for ebay data center

eBay Bets on Bloom Energy for Green Data Center

eBay will use biogas to power new Bloom Energy server fuel cells for its green data center in Utah.

Corporate Sustainability for IT Managers

Kathrin WInkler, VP Corp. Sust. at EMC, talks about the role of women in the sustainability industry, whether energy efficiency is enough and…

The Evolution of the Green Data Center

A few years ago, data center managers on the bleeding edge were talking about using outside air to cool servers. Now the race…

Expanding the Availability of Sustainability Data

We know a lot about the sustainability performance of about 5,000 large companies. We know something about the sustainability performance of another 16,000 smaller…

How Green is Your Data?

If you printed out a gigabyte of data that would equate to 50,000 pages of printed single space text. Now imagine 34 x…