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What does it mean to build a “green economy”?

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DOE Invests $15 Million in Solar PV-Energy Storage Grid Integration

Looking to speed up grid integration, DOE is making $15 million in funding available for projects that combine solar PV and energy storage…

Cloud Service Promises Unparalleled PV Performance Tracking

Swinerton Renewable Energy will use Locus Energy's cloud-based system to manage a large, growing commercial and utility-scale PV fleet.

SunShot Helps Bay Area Startups Drive Down Solar Costs

DOE awarded $53 million in SunShot funding for 40 innovative projects that promise to help drive the costs of solar further towards SunShot's…

The Pathway to a Stronger Clean Power Plan

Renewable energy growth shows the way to much greater cuts in power plant emissions -- and it's affordable, according to the Union of…

New Handbook: 100 Percent Renewable Energy Both Practicable and Affordable

Achieving 100 percent renewable energy using today's technologies is not only possible, it's affordable. Using eight case studies of increasingly larger geopolitical scope…

Solar PV Catching On Fast in Latin America, Caribbean

Solar power is poised to take on a major role in meeting electricity needs across the LAC region. NPD Solarbuzz forecasts that some…

DOE: 54-GWs of Untapped Offshore Wind Power

A new study released by the DOE indicates that a whopping 54-gigawatts of U.S. offshore wind power is feasible to capture.

PV at U.S. Schools More than Doubled Every Year for Past Six

Solar PV capacity has soared among U.S. schools, yielding cost savings as well as improving environmental health and quality. That's just the tip…
Greensmith Energy Storage Site in Southern California

Demand for Grid-Scale Energy Storage Grows

Confluence of grid modernization, renewable energy integration and government policy is driving development of a real market for utility-scale energy storage, as well…

Stem to Install Smart Energy Storage at Extended Stay Hotels

Events are unfolding quickly in the nascent market for intelligent energy storage systems, especially in California, where a state mandate is fueling demand.…

World Leaders Respond to U.N. Call for Climate Change Action

At the United Nations Climate Summit 2014, held at U.N. headquarters in New York City on Sept. 23, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for…

Campaign Calls for 100 Companies, 100 Percent Renewable Power

Led by The Climate Group, the RE100 campaign aims to have 100 of the world's largest companies powered solely by renewable energy by…

Study: Enormous Gains to Be Had From Sustainable Urban Transport

Not only would CO2 emissions plummet, but over 1.4 million early deaths avoided and $1 trillion saved by expanding public transportation, biking and…

After March, 347 Institutional Investors Call for ‘Meaningful’ Carbon Pricing

Managing over $24 trillion in assets, IIGCC, which counts BlackRock and Calpers among its membership -- is calling for definitive carbon pricing, more…

White House, USDA Give Clean Energy Sector $68 Million Boost

Following through on President Barack Obama's plans to combat climate change and boost energy productivity, the Agriculture Department on Sept. 18 announced it's…