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What's a Green Job?

Good question. There’s no official definition but many people have ideas. The theory around here is that building sustainable principals into our economy is not only going to make us happier and healthier it also lays the groundwork for a stronger economy in the traditional sense. This labor day (and a few days before and after) we’ll be asking questions, telling stories, and bringing in a host of experts to kick off a conversation.

This special series features regular Triple Pundit contributors as well as guests who were asked to comment on the idea of “green jobs” and a “green economy” – what they’re doing to advance these ideas or whether they even mean anything at all.

Job Hunters Beware: Check Your References

By Will McBride I am a smart, competent, hard-working engineer, and I’ve been out of work for just over two years. Writing this…

Sustainability from a Personal Perspective #3pVOTE

This post is part of our year-end “year in review” sustainable business writing contest. We’ve asked 3p readers to submit their own thoughts…

Greening the Job Search: 5 Tips for Finding Environmentally Friendly Employment

By: Brendan Cruickshank you looking for a green job? First, think about what you mean by green. Are you looking for a job…

Interactive Workshop for Green Job Seekers

Carol McClelland, author of Green Careers for Dummies, has been helping people find green jobs for almost 20 years. Through her membership website,…

Residential Solar: Potential Jobs and Barriers to Success

Research on the U.S. and German solar industry suggests a permanent job is created for every six to nine homes that install a…
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Haiti Onward, Part 1: The Wisdom of Youth

By C. Sala Hewitt In this series, TriplePundit captures perspective from innovative, sustainability-centric Haitian relief organizations on approaches that aim to boost the…
Majora Carter field

Majora Carter seeks “Hometown Security” in Net Impact Keynote

On Saturday, October 30, Net Impact closed out their 2010 conference on sustainable enterprise at the UMich Ross School of Business with keynote…

More Efficient Batteries = More Jobs

by Daniel Fielding This story is about green jobs. But before I get into it, I must make a disclosure: I have an…

Hip Hop Artists Tell Oil Corporations: Don’t Kill California’s Clean Energy Future

Artists from across California urge voters to reject Proposition 23 and 26 By C. C. Song, The Greenlining Institute The artists at Beatrock…

Prop 23 Morphing Into Prop 26: Both Clean Economy Killers

By Jay Kimball, founder of 8020 Vision Support for Prop 23 is waning. That’s good news, but the fight is not over. If…

Five Tips for Green Job Seekers

This series on Green Jobs has highlighted many of the issues and opportunities in the green jobs sector. I run Green Jobs Network…
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Finding the Money in Water: The Smart Landscaping Boom

By David Jay With the epic battle raging around AB32, you may have missed another piece of landmark California sustainability legislation. AB 1881,…
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Green Jobs Are Plentiful Right Now…In China

A recent report by Clean Edge: The Clean Tech Market Authority, entitled Clean Tech Job Trends 2010, evaluates the current green job market,…

Clean Tech Industry Leader to Californians: Walk the Walk and Oppose Proposition 23

AB 32 maintains the market certainty needed for investment, research and development of inventions as well as jobs. Since its passage, clean tech…

Green Occupations: A Bit Like Loch Ness Monsters

by Jim Cassio People looking for green jobs or careers often expect to find occupations that are considered to be — well,…
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