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What's a Green Job?

Good question. There’s no official definition but many people have ideas. The theory around here is that building sustainable principals into our economy is not only going to make us happier and healthier it also lays the groundwork for a stronger economy in the traditional sense. This labor day (and a few days before and after) we’ll be asking questions, telling stories, and bringing in a host of experts to kick off a conversation.

This special series features regular Triple Pundit contributors as well as guests who were asked to comment on the idea of “green jobs” and a “green economy” – what they’re doing to advance these ideas or whether they even mean anything at all.

Photo credit: National Solar Power

400 Megawatt Solar Plant Planned for Florida’s Panhandle

National Solar Power will invest $1.5 billion to build the Southeast's largest solar power farm, a 400MW solar power farm in Florida's Gadsden…

Complete the Loop by Buying Recycled

This article outlines the 3 stages of recycling and argues for a closed-loop recycling system that protects the environment and promotes a greener…

If You’re Happy With Your Work, You’ll Create Much Greater Value

All unhappy people are alike in that they negatively affect a business’ financial bottom line. Several years ago, Gallup estimated that Americans who…

Five Bold Ideas on Employment to Supplement the American Jobs Act

By Richard J. Crespin Last week, President Obama laid out a modest plan to nudge job growth. I don’t fault his modesty.  Given…

Video Interview: Green Jobs for Native Americans

At SOCAP 2011, many international companies solving global poverty issues were represented, but poverty is also a reality for millions of North Americans. …

DOE Awards $15 Million for Electric Vehicle Adoption Programs

The DOE awarded ~$15 million for 16 projects in 24 states and DC 'to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles across the nation…
u.s. air force invests in solar energy

Air Force Partnership with Solar Company Demonstrates Potential Success of the American Jobs Act

When President Obama addressed Congress last week to enlist support for the American Jobs Act, he could have easily used the company Magnolia…

Why We Need to Create Jobs that Fill Workers with Pride and Enthusiasm

This article argues for not only creating jobs, but also more sustainable, meaningful and rewarding jobs that imbue a sense of mission.

Van Jones on the American Dream 2.0

By Heather King Van Jones may have resigned his post as Obama’s green jobs czar, but he continues his crusade for a better…

A Labor Day Reflection on Economic Recovery: Maybe it’s not About Jobs, but About Making Love Visible

By Jeff Klein While I intended to post a piece on Conscious Culture this week, given that this is Labor Day weekend and…
Calisolar to build new solar silicon plant in Jacksonville, Mississippi

Calisolar Will Create New Green Jobs in Mississippi

Solar power is here to stay, and the announcement last week of a new $600 million solar silicon factory for Mississippi may take…
SUNPATH, a new program of the SunShot initiative, to manufacture solar panels in U.S.

SunShot: $50 Million Closer to Cheap Solar Power and Green Jobs, Too

The Obama administration has been focusing on federal solar energy policies that create new green jobs, and the new SunShot initiative could turn…
energy efficiency

Must-Read Energy Efficiency Reports for Your Summer Reading List

Two excellent building energy efficiency reports were released last month. The first is from the Environmental Defense Fund entitled Show Me the Money:…

Where are the Jobs? Increasingly, They’re in Sustainability

Unemployment is still hovering around 9%, an unencouraging picture for politicians looking to get reelected in 2012. For President Obama, the good news…

Johnson Controls Strides from Green Buildings to Clean Vehicles

Johnson Controls recently made headlines with an energy efficiency upgrade of the iconic Empire State Building, and it has just announced an equally…
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