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Green Teams are self-organized, grassroots and cross-functional groups of employees who voluntarily come together to identify and implement specific solutions to help their organization operate in a more environmentally sustainable fashion. A green team is sometimes started by an active employee, sometimes mandated from above, or sometimes a combination of the two. Its purpose is generally to advance concepts of sustainability in to a company’s operations through grassroots effort, policy changes, or even larger scale transformation of production and operations.

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Will Amazon (Finally) Go Green?

It seems Amazon is (finally) setting up a sustainability team. Is the e-commerce giant getting serious about sustainability, or is this mere lip…
A supporter of climate change action holds up a sign at the People's Climate March in New York City on Sunday.

Business Risks and Opportunities in a Carbon Surge Economy

Increasing evidence of climate change tied to the carbon surge is pushing consumers, especially the millennial generation, to question what they buy and…

Detroit Public Schools Students Go Green and Save $130,000

Detroit Public Schools (DPS) launched the district’s first-ever Go Green Challenge in October 2012 as a starting point for implementation of its Sustainability…
green teams

What is a Corporate Green Team, Anyway?

Establishing “green teams” is an inspiring way for companies to motivate employees and shift their strategies towards a more sustainable path.

Practically Green and Gamification: Making Change Fun, Engaging And Sustainable

Exclusive interview with Practically Green CEO Susan Hunt Stevens on using gamification techniques to motivate work associate behavior changes.
Screen Shot 2012-06-19 at 9.08.18 AM

Best Practices That Motivate Work Associates And Customers To Go Green

How to motivate customers and employees to change their behavior to align with sustainable best practices is a major business challenge. There are…
Group portrait of Western Electric employees outside building, circa 1920

Two Reasons Why Your CSR Program Should Engage Employees

Here are two good reasons why your CR communications should aim to educate, inspire, and engage employees.

The Purposeful Office

The dream of a “paperless office” has given way to a “purposeful office” – an environment that embraces the responsible, sustainable selection, use,…

My Little Pony Joins Hasbro’s Green Team

Toy giant Hasbro has enlisted its iconic My Little Pony brand to boost its green cred, and the company isn’t shy about connecting…

Who’s in Charge Here? How Bottom-Up Empowerment Still Needs Top-Down Accountability

If sustainability encourages decentralized expertise in an organization, then do the Board and C-level suite need to manage it? To get the best…
Cash incentives for biking to work: just one of many sustainability-focused perks for CLIF Bar’s employees.

Employee Engagement: Five Companies That Get It

Employee engagement is one of the most effective tools for achieving long-term success and shared value. Intel, Hyatt, Walmart, Google and Clif Bar…

Green Supply Chain: Coca-Cola’s Water Management Four Best Practices

Coca-Cola’s recently published Water Stewardship Replenish Report soberly notes that two-thirds of the world’s population lives in severe water stress areas with one…

DuPont’s Six Ways to Achieve Zero Landfill Waste

The following outlines six best practices that enabled DuPont's success in achieving zero landfill waste stream results

Five Ingredients to Grow a Grassroots Green Team

Five ingredients and a little follow through's all it takes to grow a grassroots green team, according to research.

Winning Bids Going Green in HR and Risk Management

“Our business revenues are directly tied to winning competitive bids,” explains Elizabeth Barry, Chief Sustainability Officer of Marsh & McLennan Companies. “Over the…