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Timberland Agroforestry Project Breaks Cycle of Poverty in Haiti

Timberland and the Smallholder Farmer Alliance's community agroforestry project has put down deep, solid roots in Haiti. Over 2 million trees have been…
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Deforestation Slows Economic Recovery in Haiti

Deforestation plays a big role in the recurring cycle of environmental degradation and poverty in Haiti. An innovative, five-year community agroforestry project on…
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Renewable Energy: “Development as Freedom” in Haiti and Beyond

Rapid development of distributed renewable energy resources offers much more than a means of addressing climate change, particularly in impoverished nations. It can…
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PepsiCo Releases New Water Modeling Tool for Latin America

PepsiCo and the Inter-American Bank (IDB) released a new water modeling tool to assist Latin American nations forecast future water supplies.
[Image Credit: Jovan Julien, www.JovanJulien.com]

Collecting Discarded Plastic (and Data) For That T-Shirt

Thread, a Pittsburgh-based B Corp, is employing hundreds of people living in impoverished regions to pick up discarded plastic bottles, which they then…
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Food Fight in Haiti as NGOs Go Nuts Over Peanut Butter Drive

Two NGOs working in Haiti have similar plans to build a peanut butter factories that promise to feed kids and create jobs.
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Microloan Interest Rates in Impact Investing

What's the story with interest rates imposed on the poor in developing countries?

My Two Cents on Impact: Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about why I want to become an impact investor and why I chose MicroPlace as my…

Why We Can’t Afford NOT to Invest in Haiti

By Gerald McSwiggan and Taryn Bird. McSwiggan is the head of the U.S. Chamber BCLC Disaster Assistance and Recovery Program. Bird is the head of…

How Christmas Trees Could Save the World

By Ethan Budiansky Christmas trees make our homes festive, give us a place to store our presents, and put us in the holiday…

Sir Richard’s Condoms: Buy One, Give One

You might have read about the Pope’s recent (slight) revision of the Catholic Church’s stance on condom-use — a stance with far greater…
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Sustainable Haiti: Rebuilding for the Long Haul

The Sustainable Haiti Coalition is a platform of collaboration that coordinates resources for a suite of sustainable solutions. I spoke with co-founder Douglas…
Shot from PACT's Press Pack. Boy Does That Bum Glitter!

Buy Sexy Underwear, Send a Solar Lamp to a Haitian Family

PACT underwear, known for organic ingredients and a solid social mission to share profits with worthy causes has a new holiday campaign: buy a pair…
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Haiti Onward, Part 1: The Wisdom of Youth

By C. Sala Hewitt In this series, TriplePundit captures perspective from innovative, sustainability-centric Haitian relief organizations on approaches that aim to boost the…

Can A Life Be Saved By a Solar Powered Suitcase? If it’s LifeGivingForce, Yes

It seems these days there are an increasing number of natural (and unnatural) disasters happening. You see images of stranded people, injured animals,…