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Heartland to Present Climate Denial Awards

Is there anything about the Koch Brothers’ Heartland Institute that isn’t disingenuous? This week the group announced its 2015 Climate Change Award winners,…

Survey Finds That U.S. Leads the World in Climate Denial

This may confirm suspicions that many of us have already had. Besides leading the world in consumer debt and military spending, the U.S.…
Don’t worry, big guy; climate optimists say you’ll be fine on a warming planet .

New Trend: Climate Optimists Say Climate Change Won’t Be So Bad

Accepting that climate change is happening but putting a positive spin on the consequences is a growing view in the climate skeptic camp,…
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Undeterred By Facts, Climate Deniers Will Carry the Torch to Las Vegas

Scientists overwhelmingly agree that climate change is caused by human activity, but none of this has stopped or even slowed down the professional…
New ExxonMobil methane leakage study aims at coal

ExxonMobil Aims to Prove Gas is Cleaner Than Coal

ExxonMobil has had a horrible four-week run in the aftermath of its Pegasus pipeline break in Arkansas, but a just-published greenhouse gas emissions…

ALEC Now Looking to Teach Climate Denial in Schools

Just when it seemed that ALEC could go no lower than trying to do away with clean energy, they have turned their attention…

Bold New Senate Bill Addresses Climate Change

The Climate Protection Act of 2013 proposes a “fee and dividend” structure. The plan would tax carbon-emitting fossil fuels at the sources, but,…

UCS Battle With Heartland Has Pfizer in the Middle

UCS says Pfizer should sever ties with the Heartland Institute.

Is Climate Denial Coming to an End?

Has climate change denial come to an end? Aggressive, outrageous tactics might lead to the extinction of denier organizations.
Cigarettes, Voting Rights, Gun Rights and Climate Change

Amazon.com Becomes the Latest Company to Leave ALEC

Votes, guns, climate change and cigarettes: Amazon.com quits ALEC while Heartland Institute also sees support drying up.

Heartland Institute Works Hard to Keep the War on Climate Alive at Chicago Conference

The Heartland Institute’s 7th International Conference on Climate Change is taking place this week at the Hilton Chicago Hotel. To be fair, it’s…
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Fake Grassroots Campaign Against Wind Industry Exposed

The Checks and Balances Project and Climate Progress revealed a memo outlining a national PR campaign to undermine and sabotage the wind power…

Fakegate Continued: Heartland Plays Up “Wronged Party” Role in Open Letter

The latest episode in the Heartland Institute's so-called “Fakegate”scandal, in which Pacific Institute Director Peter Gleick admittedly obtained embarrassing private documents under false…

Renowned Scientist Confesses to Stealing Heartland Institute Documents

In a startling disclosure, world renowned scientist, Peter Gleick, co-founder and president of the Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security…