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Hyperloop One Completes First Public Test

The test only lasted a few seconds before ending in a massive plume of sand. But according to Hyperloop One, this is a…

The First Hyperloop Trip Could Happen This Year

While most of us weren't paying attention, a handful of private companies have been quietly working to make Elon Musk's vision of supersonic…

When Will High-Speed Rail Move Forward?

High-speed rail has served to better assist travelers in countries across Europe, Asia and South America for over half a century. Due to…

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Pipe Dream is Anything But…

To no one's surprise, Musk's plan garnered criticism, cynicism, and outright hatred, but the pipe dream isn't so crazy.

California Spearheads a Transportation Reformation to Curb Emissions

Transforming our transportation infrastructure won’t happen overnight. While policies improving the supply side are taking shape, our individual transportation choices can have a…

Google Invests in Bike Powered Pod Transport… Why?

Google put a million bucks into Schweeb, a personal rapid transit startup, but we wish Google had chosen more pressing transportation issues to…

Political Opposition to High Speed Rail is Beyond Stupidity

High speed rail remains a sort of punching bag when it comes to rhetoric about government spending and America’s unstoppable devotion to the…

JetBlue COO: Flying From Boston to NYC is a Bad Idea

Publicly stating that some of your company’s goods and services should be discontinued even if they are profitable probably would get most company…

Chinese Hope to Go Back to Work on America’s Railroads

In 1869 in Promontory, Utah a team of eight Chinese laborers hoisted the last rail into place on the Union Pacific Railroad, connecting…

5 Years Later: Amtrak Survives Bush, Expands

A look back at trains in the U.S., in 3p, and about rail's role in the future.

Holy Job Creation: Bring on High Speed Rail

Say what you will about the stimulus package and government spending in general, there are some things that work well with government investment,…
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