Portugal, wind power, hydropower, renewables, Leon Kaye, clean energy, energy independence

Portugal Sets Record for Running Four Consecutive Days on Renewables

From the morning of Saturday, May 7, until late afternoon on Wednesday, May 11, Portugal ran entirely on renewables such as hydro and…
Burlington, Vermont, Burlington Electric, Wind Power, hydropower, biogas, renewable energy, clean energy, renewables, solar, Leon Kaye

Burlington, Vermont Now Runs on 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Burlington, Vermont revamped its energy portfolio, culminating in the purchase of a hydropower plant late last year -- and now runs 100 percent…
Verdant Power wins permit for RITE tidal power project

Dam About to Bust on Clean Hydrokinetic Energy

A company called Verdant Power has won the first ever commercial license for a hydrokinetic  tidal power facility in the U.S., and that…
center of lulea

Northern Exposure: Facebook Cools New European Data Center

Chances are you’ve heard about Lulea, a small town in northern Sweden only if you’re a fan of Movits!, a local Hip-Hop band,…

Germany Sets New Renewable Energy Record

While the latest green headlines in the U.S. are mostly depressing with growing signs that the Obama administration will approve the proposed Keystone…

Renewable Energy 2010: 16% of Global Energy; Nearly 11% in the US

REN21’s “Renewables 2011” Global Status Report is a remarkable one, particularly in light of the lasting effects of the “Great Recession” and all…
"Patagonia without Dams" image credit NRDC_Media

Tragedy and Victory for South American Environmental Stakeholders

In Chile, the prospects of a $3.2 billion hydroelectric dam flooding and despoiling the natural beauty of Patagonia brought out the passions of…

Hydropower Expansion: The Hydropower Improvement Act of 2011

On March 17, 2011, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), introduced bipartisan legislation to accelerate hydropower projects and development across the country.  The Hydropower Improvement…
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