The Reusable Space Rocket and Other 21st-Century Accomplishments

One of the first challenges identified by the international space community was the need for a reusable spacecraft. NASA got things started. And…

Solar Cell Innovation Shines a Clean Power Spotlight on Arkansas

An Arkansas startup partnered with the global solar powerhouse Yingli to bring a new low-cost, high-efficiency solar cell to the marketplace. And that's…
Employees of Mesirow Financial volunteered with the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, on Chicago's Southwest Side, to spruce up and maintain a summer garden. For the second straight year, The Chicago Charity Challenge has guided and supported Mesirow's ongoing volunteerism and fundraising, which includes parent mentoring programs to engage parents in the classroom, providing Thanksgiving meals to families, live theater tickets to youth, school supplies to 500 students, and creating deeper relationships between employees and the community.

6 Ways to Turn Your Corporate Philanthropy Into a Long-term Relationship

Single days of volunteer service are exciting, impactful and inspiring. But after a year or two of the ‘one and done’ volunteer events,…

The Clean Tech Electricity Future

The 21st-century grid has the potential to be a lower-cost, lower-emissions and higher-reliability solution. And large utilities are ushering in the next generation…
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Energy Needs More Panels, Blades and Software — Not a Miracle

The renewable technology stack is strong, with decades of iterations producing reliable and cost-competitive products. Let's deploy more of them, not try to…

3p Weekend: Innovative Reuse Can Solve Our Waste Problem

To examine how innovative reuse and recycling can address our growing waste problem, we broke down America's largest waste streams and highlighted company…

Utilities Fighting Lower Electric Bill Zombie Apocalypse

Increasingly, clean technologies like solar, batteries and smart appliances are costing less due to global growth in manufacturing economies of scale plus technical…
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China’s Straddling Bus Slams into a Great Wall of Ridicule

Shortly after it completed its test run in the city of Qinhuangdao, publications began to question the viability of China's futuristic 'straddling bus.'

Why the White House is Counting on Energy Storage

Michael Grasso, chief marketing officer of Sunrun, looks to the future of energy storage in light of the recent White House commitment on…
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Carbon XPrize Announces Entries Vying for $20 Million in Prizes

The Carbon XPrize is a five-year competition that seeks to convert carbon emissions into successful, profitable and useful products. Nearly 50 organizations from…
2-MW single-axis-tracking photovoltaic system at Sacramento Municipal Utility District's Rancho Seco facility in Sacramento, California - Image accredited to Warren Gretz,  NREL & DOE

Data Communications and The Revolution in the U.S. Electric Grid

A revolution is underfoot in which each utility customer has the potential to become its own mini-power plant and a supplier of electricity.

How Social Responsibility Can Help Companies Disrupt

Globalization brings complexity and uncertainty, while innovation creates new and unfamiliar realities, unprecedented situations, and potential conflict. And, when the two interact, the…

All Innovation Is Not Created Equal

Innovation 2.0 is about innovating with a broader social and environmental purpose, while keeping an eye toward market demands.
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Silicon Valley’s Fear and Loathing of Donald Trump

Over 100 technology executives, CEOs and founders slammed Donald Trump in an open letter -- citing divisiveness, an open contempt for the tech…
In many ways Apple's first "personal digital assistant" paved the way for the iPhone. But  the Newton never really caught on.

Good Tech, Bad Timing: The Power of the Market

In the 21st century, we've become accustomed to technology developing at lightning speeds. But for every successful electronic device, there is a string…