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Intuit Inc. is an American software company that develops financial and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses, accountants and individuals. It is incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Mountain View, California.

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Sea Level Rise: Who Should Take Responsibility in Silicon Valley?

Sea level rise is a global problem. In Silicon Valley, many businesses believe its a far away problem with distant answers. Bad news:…
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Overcoming Gender Inequality in the Tech Sector

76 percent of STEM jobs are held by men. But good, smart people and companies are trying to solve the problem.
Before you bust out the snacks this Sunday, you may want to reach for a tissue, because you're about to feel things.

3p Weekend: The Best (Cause Marketing) Super Bowl Ads of All Time

before we turn on our TVs this Sunday, let's take a moment to recognize companies that used their million-dollar ad spots for something…

Beastie Boys and GoldieBlox Tussle Over Fair Use in ‘Girls’ Video

GoldieBlox created a catchy video set to the tune of the mid-1980s song, "Girls," for the Intuit Super Bowl ad competition. However, now…

5 Metrics You Probably Won’t See in the 10-K (But Wish You Did)

5 types of metrics – Health, Wealth, Earth, Equality, & Trust – are frequently ignored in financial reports & by traditional stock analysts.…

5 Product Categories Seeking Billion-Person Markets and High Revenue Growth

In this excerpt, we examine 5 human needs – health, wealth, earth, equality and trust – that have potential to generate high growth…

Intuit Faces a Challenge With Its New Sustainability Report

The company Intuit, known for its Quicken product and other popular software,  is out with a new sustainability report that addresses a growing…

Intuit Employee Passion Leads to Freecycle@Work

Intuit is well known for Quicken, TurboTax, and its recent acquisition of, and is generally a darling of the personal finance crowd.…

Intuit Partners with Freecycle for Office Recycling Programs

Freecycle, the global recycling and repurposing network that has 7 million users (or “reusers”?), and Intuit, the personal finance software company, have partnered…

Intuit Gives a Voice to Local Businesses That Make a Difference

Since the B Corporation movement’s inception a few years ago, policy makers are closer to giving businesses the option to create an organization…

10 Best Practices for Supporting Green Teams

By Deborah Fleischer, Green Impact There seems to be a growing buzz about green teams these days as companies struggle to find the…

EDF Climate Corps Makes the Business Case for Energy Efficiency Investments

Energy efficiency. It’s the cheapest, fastest, and cleanest energy resource available to your business today. Sure, rooftop solar panels and on-site wind turbines…
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