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It became clear at the recent U.N. Financing for Development Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, that both public- and private-sector involvement will be needed to finance the forthcoming U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

What Will It Take to Finance the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals?

It became clear at the recent U.N. Financing for Development Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, that both public- and private-sector involvement will be…

Give Money, Get Impact, Save Taxes – the Power of Social Entrepreneurs for Your Portfolio

Can charitable $ be recycled? In the words of famed venture capitalist John Doerr of KP, can you “write one $10M check and…

Rooting Your Portfolio in Positive-Impact Farmland, Real Estate and Housing

As the world now has 7 billion people, what innovative approaches to housing, land and forestry are available to investors?

Venturing into Growth Industries with High-Impact Capital

How do impact investors spur long-term innovation? Through garage startups, which can also be sexy.

Loaning Your Money for Impact Can Also Generate Income

4 Fixed Income Investments to seek the potential for income & impact: Fixed-income mutual funds, Pooled loan funds, Microfinance funds, and Peer-to-peer loans.

Where Does Your Cash Sleep at Night?

A HIP investor investigates their bank or credit union: how it functions, where customer funds are loaned or invested, how it can benefit…

How to Be Sustainable Across All Assets in Your Portfolio

A HIP investor can find human impact and profit potential in every type of investment. Formally, these are called asset classes, and you…

How HIP are Your Holdings? Score Them for Human Impact + Profit

At HIP Investor, we make investing choices based on a full and comprehensive picture of all risks and opportunities, in the short- and…

Paying Attention to Risks Pays Dividends to Sustainable Investors

Risks associated with employee turnover, staff diversity or plant emissions all impact shareholder value – because they are leading indicators of profitability.

What Secrets Are Hiding Off Your Balance Sheet?

What is your company’s most important asset? Most of you will say “people.” Many CEOs say this as well. However, where are people…

How to Boost the Bottom Line with Sustainable Products and Initiatives

HIP's Approach to Sustainability brings potential for increased cash from customer sales & reduced monetary outflows for the costs of materials, people &…

When Seeking Long-Term Profit, Consider Long-Term Environmental Risks

This last management practice category focuses on including HIP criteria in every decision-making process.

Who’s in Charge Here? How Bottom-Up Empowerment Still Needs Top-Down Accountability

If sustainability encourages decentralized expertise in an organization, then do the Board and C-level suite need to manage it? To get the best…

The Greenest Part of Your Business Can Be Your Financial Statements

In today’s economy, the land’s resources are becoming more stretched, labor is becoming overworked, and capital is seeking more transparency about how it…

Metrics That Matter: How Quantifying Good Can Lead to a Better Bottom Line

A company’s fiduciary responsibility is to drive profit, but profit is only evident after the fact. To predict the winners, an investor or…