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Have the Job You Want? Help Others Dress for Theirs

“An item of clothing that may not have relevance to one person could mean the world to someone else,” explains Joi Gordon, CEO…

Its Official: Solar Employs More People Than Oil and Gas

What environmental and labor advocates have been claiming for some time now has come true: Solar energy is a bigger source of jobs…
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Why Do Laws Cater to Big Business When Startups Drive Growth?

With all these one-person or small-team shops opening up, they can’t possibly have an effect on the economy, can they? They can, and…

‘Jobbaticals’ Catching On with Young, Mobile Workers

Tapping into the freelancing trend, Jobbatical matches job-seekers and employers looking to hire for six months to one year. Eight months into a…
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Unilever Zero-Waste Program Saves Over $225 Million While Creating Jobs

Unilever has announced that all of its factories have achieved the company’s goal of zero waste -- saving millions of dollars while creating…

Symantec Brings Cyber Security Jobs to HS Grads

Launched in late June with non-profits Year Up, Life Journey and NPower, the Symantec Cyber Career Connection prepares high school grads to take…
In 1983, the field of Cyber Security didn't exist, but if it had, it would have prevented Matthew Broderick's character in War Games from hacking the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Symantec Bets on Next Generation of Cyber Security Workers

Symantec wants you -- and the young people of America -- to know that not only is this career path well-paying and approachable,…

Removing Policy Uncertainty Key to Clean Energy Growth, Report Finds

The U.S. renewable energy sector continues to grow at above-average rates, bringing triple bottom line benefits to American society. Investment is falling, however,…
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After 60 Years, Coca-Cola Returns to Burma

According to Coca-Cola, its renewed investment and operations in Burma will follow what the company describes as its strict human rights policy.
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How High Gasoline Prices are Creating Jobs and Growing The Economy

For the first time in U.S. history the pain at the pump is not killing our economy. Here's why.

Organic Equivalence Deal Affords International Markets for Organic Producers

A transatlantic organic equivalence arrangement has been negotiated between representatives from the US Department of Agriculture and EU Agriculture and Regional Development department,…
Is Keystone XL pipeline the epitome of a shovel ready job project

How to Define the Epitome of a “Shovel Ready Job Project”

In a recent Sunday talk show, House Speaker John Boehner described the Keystone XL oil pipeline as “the epitome of a shovel ready…

Solar Crowdsourcing: ‘One Nation Off the Grid’

In partnership with 175 solar power systems installers, One Block Off the Grid has launched its nationwide"One Nation Off the Grid" project, which…

To Say California’s AB32 Kills Jobs Is ‘Bunk!’

Ed Note: We’re reposting Bill Roth’s earlier interview with Marin Energy Anuthority Chair Charles McGlashan because of it’s relevance to the ongling ballot…

Home Star Program Promises Jobs through Retrofits

The Home Star Energy Retrofit Act (H.R. 5019), commonly referred to as Cash for Caulkers, was recently approved 246-161 by the House and…