Keystone XL Pipeline

Keystone XL is an oil pipeline proposed by Canadian company TransCanada to carry one of the world’s most controversial fuels: tar sands oil.

If completed, the fiercely debated pipeline will stretch nearly 2,000 miles from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf Coast of Texas. Stay on top of the latest headlines here.

Agriculture Energy Coalition calls for more clean energy

Petroleum Losing Its Luster for Agriculture Sector, Too

More that 100 farming organizations, renewable energy associations and other stakeholders have signed an Agriculture Energy Coalition open letter to four U.S. Senators…
USDA extends Farm to Fly biofuel initiative

You’ve Heard About Farm-to-Table, Now Check Out ‘Farm to Fly’

USDA and FAA partner with Boeing and Airlines for America to extend the Farm to Fly aviation biofuel program with the goal of…
Shale oil production vs. Time (2005-2025)

Shale Energy Bubble Threatens Second Economic Collapse

Shale gas has grown explosively to the point that it now supplies some 40 percent of U.S. natural gas. But the question is,…
DC Climate Rally, February 17, 2013

Thousands Rallied Against Keystone Pipeline Presidents’ Day Weekend

The Go Forward on Climate rally held in front of the White House brought all ages of Americans together from shore to shore…
Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson Departs EPA

EPA chief Lisa Jackson announced yesterday that she will be leaving her position as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. She said she…

Canadian Watershed’s Oil Sands Pose Challenge for Keepers

An international group of experts gathering in Vancouver is calling on Canadian and other government leaders to establish a transboundary water and natural…
Spewing power plant

What Will Be the Fate of Sustainability After November?

We're already behind the rest of the world on development of renewables. If Romney wins, it will get a lot worse.
starbucks mug_x

How Starbucks and Staples Could Bring Keystone to Its Knees

Starbucks and Staples have joined the agribusiness giant J.R. Simplot to give a boost to the Obama Administration’s Better Buildings Challenge, and in…

Tar Sands Oil: Pros and Cons

Canada has oil reserves of 170 billion barrels, more than Iran and Nigeria combined. Much of that oil has been considered “not economically…
oil well

Energy Secretary Chu Chooses Popularity Over Sustainability

In 2008, Stephen Chu, then Director of the Berkley Lawrence National Lab, said, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the…

Keystone XL Pipeline Could Cost More Jobs Than It Creates

The Keystone XL pipeline would only create 20 permanent jobs in the six states along its proposed route, according to a recent study.
Obama 2013 budget boosts domestic and national defense clean energy

National Defense and President Obama’s 2013 Clean Energy Budget

As far as clean energy and green jobs go, President Obama's 2013 budget includes a Christmas-in-July package of initiatives that are designed to…
Is Keystone XL pipeline the epitome of a shovel ready job project

How to Define the Epitome of a “Shovel Ready Job Project”

In a recent Sunday talk show, House Speaker John Boehner described the Keystone XL oil pipeline as “the epitome of a shovel ready…
Solar Reserve builds world's largest solar thermal plant in Nevada

Solar Thermal Plant in Nevada Hits a Milestone, So Does U.S. Solar Industry

The solar power company Solar Reserve has just announced a major construction milestone for its billion-dollar Crescent Dunes solar thermal project in Nevada,…
GreenVolts solar partners with ISD and gets ABB investment

Solar Power to Boost Agriculture Yields

The global power industry leader ABB of Switzerland recently pumped $20 million into California’s GreenVolts solar technology company, and the investment could pay…