labor day 2009

What’s a Green Job?

Good question. There’s no official definition but many people have ideas.

The theory around here is that building sustainable principals into our economy is not only going to make us happier and healthier it also lays the groundwork for a stronger economy in the traditional sense. This labor day (and a few days before and after) we’ll be asking questions, telling stories, and brining in a host of experts to kick off a conversation.

This special series features regular Triple Pundit contributors as well as guests who were asked to comment on the idea of “green jobs” and a “green economy” – what they’re doing to advance these ideas or whether they even mean anything at all.

Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis to Sacramento’s Unemployed: Help Is On the Way…?

The fact that California is in dire straits (economically speaking) is no new news. But for anyone wondering just how bad it is,…

“Once Upon a Job” – Nightly Business Report Series Explores Unemployment in the Current Economy

Oh, the good old days, when jobs were plentiful, stable, well-paying, and benefit-providing. The fact that those days are over is the lament…

Choose the Best Sustainability Consultant for Your Company

We all know what we need to do to make our companies more environmentally friendly: use less energy, water, and paper, travel less…

Virginia’s Bob McDonnell – the “Jobs Governor”?

Republican Bob McDonnell appears to be dancing to a new jingle: his own promise to be a “jobs governor – bringing new energy…

Van Jones in Newsweek and on Glenn Beck

Even Van Jones recognizes there’s no unified definition of a green job. And as a senior advisor to the White House Council on…
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