Leon Kaye

Leon Kaye is the founder and editor of GreenGoPost.com. Based in California, he is a business writer and consultant. His work is also on The Guardian’s Sustainable Business site as has appeared on Inhabitat and Earth911. His focus is making the business case for sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Among the regions across the world in which he covers is Qatar, one of the Middle East countries in which he takes a keen interest because of its transformation into a post-oil economy. Other areas of interest include sustainable development in Brazil and Korea. Contact him at leon@greengopost.com.

Clinton Global Initiative and Thread Bring Dignity to Haiti’s Plastic Bottle Collectors

In partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative, Timberland, HP and the NGO Team Tassy, the social enterprise Thread plans to improve quality of…

As Palm Oil Abuses Widen, WWF Releases Global Scorecard

A new WWF scorecard, which evaluates companies’ performance on palm oil sourcing, offers some hope and surprise to consumers. But the retail and…

Target Inches Closer to Selling 100 Percent Sustainable Seafood

Target is edging closer to 100 percent sustainable seafood, due to close work with its environmental partner, FishWise.

Study: Almost 100,000 Deaths in Indonesia Linked to Forest Fires, Illegal Palm Oil

A Harvard University study suggests smoke from slash-and-burn agricultural fires caused approximately 100,000 deaths throughout Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries last fall.

Trump Foundation More of a Slush Fund Than a Charity

A closer look at the Trump Foundation reveals it operates less like a charity and more like legal fund.

Climate Week NYC Sponsored by Banks Financing Fossil Fuel Projects

Three large banks with heavy investments in fossil fuels are sponsoring Climate Week NYC this year, according to a group of NGOs.

SEC Investigates ExxonMobil As Climate Science Witch Hunt Continues in Congress

The SEC says ExxonMobil failed to effectively communicate financial and climate risk data to shareholders, and it plans to investigate further. Meanwhile, a…

Unilever Is Buying Up All the ‘Natural’ Consumer Products Companies

Yesterday Unilever announced that it will acquire Vermont-based Seventh Generation for an undisclosed sum. The Dutch-Anglo CPG giant is also in talks to…

Lyft Co-Founder: Autonomous Cars Will Be the Future in 5 Years

Autonomous cars will provide the majority of Lyft's rides in five years, co-founder John Zimmer wrote on Medium over the weekend.

Laboratory Meat Seeks a ‘Clean’ Branding Makeover

There is now a new term that aims to score consumer acceptance of meat produced without animal slaughter: clean meat. But will consumers…

Congressional Climate Science Witch Hunt Begins ‘Constitutional Obligation’ Hearings

U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, chair of the House Science Committee, scheduled a hearing on Wednesday to assert the committee’s right to issue broad…

Google’s Zero-Waste ‘Moonshot’ Could Inspire Other Tech Firms

Google says it is approaching waste diversion from both environmental and economic perspectives, and is reducing waste everywhere, from its data centers to…

Investigation of Trump’s ‘Charity’ Results in More Bigotry

Last week, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman launched an investigation into the Trump Foundation -- unleashing a wave of anti-Semitic comments from…

Virgin Atlantic: Emissions from Steel Mills Could Fuel Airplanes

After five years of research and development, Virgin Atlantic and Illinois-based LanzaTech developed a source of jet fuel made of waste gases from…

Obama Establishes First Marine Monument in the Atlantic Ocean

On Thursday, President Barack Obama established the first U.S. marine monument in Atlantic waters. Some stakeholders are elated. Others, not so much.