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Leon Kaye is the founder and editor of GreenGoPost.com. Based in California, he is a business writer and consultant. His work is also on The Guardian’s Sustainable Business site as has appeared on Inhabitat and Earth911. His focus is making the business case for sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Among the regions across the world in which he covers is Qatar, one of the Middle East countries in which he takes a keen interest because of its transformation into a post-oil economy. Other areas of interest include sustainable development in Brazil and Korea. Contact him at leon@greengopost.com.

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Chipotle Ventures into Burgers as Labor Woes Draw Fire

According to some organized labor groups, the treatment of workers at one of Chipotle’s key suppliers should give its customers and stakeholders pause…
Saatchi & Saatchi, Kevin Roberts, advertising, work life balance, gender, diversity, women executives, leon kaye

Saatchi Chairman Resigns Over Gender Comments

Kevin Roberts' inflammatory comments about gender issues in his industry hastened his departure from Saatchi & Saatchi, which he joined as CEO in…
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Technology Could Save Millions of Americans from Predatory Payday Loans

Until there is a change in how payday loan companies are regulated, technology is offering more alternatives for those who find themselves suddenly…
Climate change, real estate, smart cities, Florida, sea level rise, Leon Kaye, insurance companies

Sea Level Rise Could Cause $1 Trillion in U.S. Real Estate Losses

The online property database Zillow issued a report this week that suggests sea-level rise could cause almost $1 trillion in property losses by…
McDonald’s, preservatives, millennials, chicken, fast food, Leon Kaye

McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets Now Preservative-Free

McDonald’s menu makeover continues, and its Chicken McNuggets are now free of preservatives, the fast food giant announced this week.
SolarCity, Tesla, Elon Musk, solar, energy storage, electric vehicles, clean technology, Leon Kaye, merger

Tesla Finalizes $2.6 Billion Acquisition of SolarCity

On Sunday, high-end electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors announced the final terms of its acquisition of SolarCity. The deal will cost Tesla approximately…
Climate change, oil and gas, Philippines, climate science, Leon Kaye, developing countries COP21, human rights

Philippines Investigates Carbon Majors’ Role in Climate Change

In a move the governments of other developing countries will watch closely, the Philippines issued a complaint directed at 47 of the world’s…
ExxonMobil, Elon Musk, Tesla, carbon tax, carbon pricing, climate change, renewables, clean energy, emissions, Leon Kaye, libertarian

Elon Musk’s Libertarian Case for a Carbon Tax

A recent Q&A session with Tesla's Elon Musk at first focused on tax breaks, then morphed into a libertarian case for a carbon…
Impossible Foods, David Chang, Momofuku, Beyond Meat, Just Mayo, vegan, vegetarian, Leon Kaye, Beyond Meat, Hampton Creek

Impossible Foods’ Vegan ‘Bloody Burger’ Hits NYC Food Scene

The completely plant-based burger that oozes a primal red color when squeezed is on the menu at one of Momofuku’s NYC restaurants.
Waste diversion, personal care, CPG, Leon Kaye, New Zealand, plastic, beauty products

Shampoo and Conditioner Startup Ditches Plastic Bottles

If there is one personal care startup that has the potential to disrupt a stodgy industry, and score enough venture capital funding to…
Donald Trump, transparency, email, Hillary Clinton, Russia, Leon Kaye

Trump Eggs on Russian Hackers, Opens a Matryoshka Doll of Fears

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has caused yet another uproar. On Wednesday, he goaded Russian hackers to cyber-spy on Hillary Clinton and search…
WikiLeaks, Democrats, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Leon Kaye, hacking, Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Wasserman Schultz’s Resignation a Lesson for Both Politics and Business

Despite all the partisan accusations thrown at former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the real lesson here is fundamental: Know what to email,…
Coal, climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, Leon Kaye, securities, clean energy, natural gas

Report: Energy Companies Hugely Underestimate Risks to Investors

Carbon Tracker called out the energy industry for lagging in filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission. By submitting the same boilerplate risk…
Microbeads, CPG companies, personal care products, marine life, Leon Kaye

Personal Care Companies Are Lagging on Microbeads, Greenpeace Says

Microbeads are banned from “rinse-off cosmetics” in the U.S. as of July 1, 2019. But the world’s largest personal care companies are lagging…
Airbnb, sharing economy, discrimination, taxes, Leon Kaye

Airbnb Hopes Big-Name Hires Can Salvage Its Image

Following a number of discrimination lawsuits, Airbnb's reputation is on shaky ground. The company hopes some notable hires, including former U.S. Attorney General…