Leon Kaye

Leon Kaye is the founder and editor of GreenGoPost.com. Based in California, he is a business writer and consultant. His work is also on The Guardian’s Sustainable Business site as has appeared on Inhabitat and Earth911. His focus is making the business case for sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Among the regions across the world in which he covers is Qatar, one of the Middle East countries in which he takes a keen interest because of its transformation into a post-oil economy. Other areas of interest include sustainable development in Brazil and Korea. Contact him at leon@greengopost.com.

High fructose corn syrup tanker, courtesy Wiki Commons

High Fructose Corn Syrup Lawsuit Goes Another Round

On October 21, U.S. District Judge Consuelo B. Marshall ruled against the corn industry with two opinions stating the lawsuit against corn processors…

Turning Common Assumptions of Branding on Their Heads

COMMON launched in January as a “creative community for rapidly prototyping social change" to link entrepreneurs with the creative community.

REI Takes the Lead in Rethinking Packing Materials

Steps like eliminating clamshell packaging are behind REI's goal to reduce its REI-branded packaging by 25% in 2013. Packaging innovation is a huge…
from RelayRides.com

GM Boosts Carsharing with RelayRides

RelayRides allows car owners to loan out their cars and score extra cash in San Francisco and Boston, and now has an exclusive…
Levi's label, courtesy WikiCommons

Levi’s Ditches Experience on Path Towards Water Savings

Erik Joule, Levi’s senior vice president of design and licensing, explained the path towards ramping up water efficiency throughout the company's operations.

Nike’s Road To Integrating Innovation and Sustainability

Nike and its VP of Sustainable Business and Innovation, Hannah Jones, are turning the idea of how to approach sustainability on its head.
Is the future of Greece here? Piraeus, Greece, Nov. 2010, by Leon Kaye

Can Greece Shine Its Way out of Default with Solar?

Germany, a global leader in solar energy, is mulling a path for Greece to emerge out of its fiscal misery. Could Greece become…

Trick or Tag for UNICEF

Last week, UNICEF’s Kelli Peterson and Microsoft’s Robin Lanahan described their mobile tagging and cause marketing journey at PSFK’s San Francisco Conference.

The Seven Obsessions Behind Method

Method emerged as a strong competitor to established CPG giants in 10 years. From scrappy startup to a $100 million brand, Method grown…
potatoes, soon to be washed by recycled water and turned into chips

Frito-Lay Opens “Near Net Zero” Plant in Arizona

Frito-Lay reopens what will be a “near net zero” plant. The factory will run of mostly renewable energy, operate significantly with recycled water,…

Time to Kill the Dollar Bill?

The Currency Optimization, Innovation, and National Savings Program, or COINS Act, was introduced last week by Arizona Republican David Schweikert in a move…
detail of downtown Milwaukee building

Milwaukee a Model for Green and Local Businesses

Look past the macroeconomic statistics and Milwaukee has become a hub of entrepreneurship. 3p profiles a few trailblazing green and local businesses.
Properties like the 7-star Burj Al-Arab have caused more demand for energy in Dubai.

Dubai Touts Ambitious Solar Plans

One of Dubai’s latest goals is to launch a large solar plant as part of the emirate’s grand plan is to net five…

H&M Detoxes its Supply Chain

Add H&M to apparel manufacturers including Adidas, Nike, and PUMA that are promising to eliminate toxins from their products while they clean up…
Dakar, Senegal-courtesy Wiki Commons

African Countries Struggle To Fight Overfishing

The economist Kofi Vondolia suggests that the United Nations has not done enough to regulate fishing fleets off the shores of Africa. He…