Leon Kaye

Leon Kaye is the founder and editor of GreenGoPost.com. Based in California, he is a business writer and consultant. His work is also on The Guardian’s Sustainable Business site as has appeared on Inhabitat and Earth911. His focus is making the business case for sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Among the regions across the world in which he covers is Qatar, one of the Middle East countries in which he takes a keen interest because of its transformation into a post-oil economy. Other areas of interest include sustainable development in Brazil and Korea. Contact him at leon@greengopost.com.

A car boasting a Gucci-designed interior

Can Gucci Sell Sustainability?

Can fashion houses like Gucci sell more than status and wealth, and perhaps even sustainability?
Sugar cane growing in Pernambuco state, Brazil

Coca Cola Moves Towards Sustainably Sourced Sugar in Brazil and Beyond

Yesterday the world’s first standard for sustainably sourced sugarcane production launched in Brazil, the result of efforts between WWF, Coca-Cola, and Bonsucro.
Parched landscape in the Sonoran Desert, Mexico

Water Scarcity, the Next Business Challenge and Differentiator

Water stewardship is the next large hurdle now that many companies have tackled the low hanging fruit of increasing energy efficiency.

At ASQ, Quality and Performance Meet CSR

The American Society for Quality (ASQ), the Milwaukee-based performance and quality advocacy organization, is hosting the “Pathways to Social Responsibility” conference here in…
Centenial Plaza, a transit plaza in (pricey) Mountain View, CA

HUD and EPA Launch Effort to Build Sustainable Communities

HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson announced this week that their agencies launched a grant program that will help build…
Intel Headquarters in Santa Clara, California

Intel Continues Decade-Long CSR Reporting Run

Last week Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor maker by revenue, released its annual CSR report, a task it has completed faithfully since 2001.
Cotton picking in India, often the start of a clothing item's long supply chain trail.

Textile Exchange and Fair Trade USA Join Forces

Fair Trade USA and Textile Exchange may transform the global textile industry’s approach towards supply chain management and responsible sourcing.  Yesterday the two…
Filet-O-Fish, sustainably sourced soon in Europe

McDonald’s Pledges Sustainable Fish in Europe by October

Cross the pond to Europe this fall, and you can nod your cap to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for partnering with McDonald’s.
A Target Store in Miami, FL

Target Announces Corporate Responsibility Goals

Target announced its corporate responsibility scorecard, with a focus on the environment, education, healthy living, and community work.
An REI store in Mountain View, CA

REI’s Climate Impact Slows While Sales Surge

REI recently released its 2010 Stewardship report, showing how it tries to increase revenues while slowing the effects of its carbon footprint.
Krispy Kreme doughnuts, soon made with cage-free eggs

Krispy Kreme Switches to Cage-Free Eggs

Thanks to an announcement next week that the company will transition to cage-free eggs, Krispy Kreme fans can enjoy their favorite guilty pleasure…

Oil Company Shareholders Vote Against Fracking in Record Numbers

Opponents of fracking have taken their cause to energy companies’ shareholders, and the results are impressive. Recent shareholder resolution votes on fracking resulted…

Sprint Establishes First-in-Industry Product Stewardship Policy

Last week Sprint announced a long term plan on how the cell phone carrier will handle the handsets it sells from product design…

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna: Wild, Farmed, or Neither?

The bluefin tuna is one of the world’s most endangered fish. Weighing up to 1000 pounds, the fish are majestic, sport incredible torpedo…

Best Buy Switches Off Electric Motorcycles

Recently Best Buy decided to cease the sales of most battery powered bikes and scooters after committing to them for over two years…