Leon Kaye

Leon Kaye is the founder and editor of GreenGoPost.com. Based in California, he is a business writer and consultant. His work is also on The Guardian’s Sustainable Business site as has appeared on Inhabitat and Earth911. His focus is making the business case for sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Among the regions across the world in which he covers is Qatar, one of the Middle East countries in which he takes a keen interest because of its transformation into a post-oil economy. Other areas of interest include sustainable development in Brazil and Korea. Contact him at leon@greengopost.com.

Colin Kaepernick Now the Top-Selling NFL Jersey in the U.S.

Colin Kaepernick's stand against racism drove his jersey to the top of the NFL's best-seller list.

Greenpeace Taps Big Data and Collaboration to Halt Deforestation

Greenpeace worked with private companies to develop a big-data approach that can identify the world’s most valuable forests.

Drones Could Help Save African Elephants and Rhinos

African elephants and rhinos are disappearing in rapid numbers. Some say drones have potential in the fight against poaching, but can they really…

Smartphones Are a Lifeline for Refugees, and NGOs Are Responding

The cheapest smartphones can prove to be valuable for those escaping countries including war-torn Syria and Iraq, as they help connect with loved…

Water Security Projects in Colombia Help Protect 10 Percent of the Earth’s Species

The environmental NGO Rare estimates that Colombia hosts approximately 10 percent of the world’s biodiversity. But water scarcity is an ongoing threat, so…

Insurers to G-20: Stop Fossil Fuel Subsidies

In an open letter, top insurance companies ask G-20 leaders to phase-out all fossil fuel subsidies by 2020. And that's not all.

Deforestation from Palm Oil Production Continues to Spread in Indonesia

Despite zero-deforestation pledges, some palm oil companies continue with deforestation and the denial of human rights in Indonesia, say a group of environmental…

Carbon Credits Protect Peru’s Historic Forests, Encourage Sustainable Development

A carbon credit project in Peru promises to mitigate climate risks in the volatile coffee sector, while encouraging sustainable development and offering families…

Congressional Climate Science Witch Hunt to Start Hearings

U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith will continue his crusade against parties investigating ExxonMobil with a hearing later this month.

Abercrombie & Fitch Is Over the ‘Cool Kids’ Vibe, But It’s Too Late

Instead of targeting the 'cool kids' with six-pack abs, Abercrombie’s apparel and stores will now focus on customers’ “best self and inner confidence.”…

Airbnb Hosts Face Huge Challenges in Refinancing Mortgages

Hosts who rely on their income from Airbnb could be in for a rude surprise when it comes time to refinance their mortgages.

California’s Recycling Industry is in Rapid Decline

California is struggling to recycle its waste, including single-use disposable containers that are a lifeline for some of the state's poorest residents. Meanwhile,…

Monsanto: Farming Has a Critical Role in Fighting Climate Change

An ICF study, commissioned by Monsanto, claims that the widespread implementation of sustainable farming practices in the U.S. can prevent more than 100…

Feds to Suppliers: Disclose Your GHG Emissions

The General Services Administration, which functions as Washington D.C.’s chief procurement office, will soon require its suppliers to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Pushes Back Against Criticism Over Alliance with ALEC

Enterprise Rent-A-Car became the bulls-eye of criticism over its association with ALEC, and the company is pushing back as it insists rental-car taxes…