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Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss & Co.is a privately held American clothing company known worldwide for its Levi’s brand of denim jeans. It was founded in 1853 when Levi Strauss came from Buttenheim, Franconia, (Kingdom of Bavaria) to San Francisco, California to open a west coast branch of his brothers’ New York dry goods business. Levi Strauss & Co. is a worldwide corporation organized into three geographic divisions: Levi Strauss Americas (LSA), based in the San Francisco headquarters; Levi Strauss Europe, Middle East and Africa (LSEMA), based in Brussels; and Asia Pacific Division (APD), based in Singapore.


Supply Chain Worker Rights: From Good Intentions to Implementation

Today, worker rights might even be considered an oxymoron. But it’s a struggle well worth engaging as both a holding action and in…

A World Water Day-Themed Google Chat w/ Michael Kobori, VP of Sustainability, Levi Strauss & Co.

TriplePundit hosted a World Water Day-themed Google Chat interview with Michael Kobori, VP of Sustainability at Levi Strauss & Co. Watch the recap…
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Levi Strauss Brings Water Recycling to the Apparel Industry

Levi Strauss & Co. has developed a new process that will allow it to use 100 percent recycled water in parts of its…
Cotton has played a critical role throughout human history

The Better Cotton Initiative: Making Sustainable Cotton Mainstream?

From small-holder farms in the developing world to major brands like Levi Strauss & Co., the Better Cotton Initiative seeks to make sustainable…
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The Higg 2.0 Index and the Journey to an Industry-Wide Sustainable Apparel Standard

Late last year, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition--a trade group representing nearly 40 percent of the apparel and footwear market--announced an updated version of…

Let the Lifecycle Be Your Guide

Levi Strauss & Co. VP of Sustainability shares his perspective on sustainability in apparel to kick off our new series.

Preview: Series Launch on Sustainable Apparel Tomorrow

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new article series - Sustainably Attired: Exploring the Lifecycle of Fashion, kicking off tomorrow.…

Levi Strauss Develops Triple Bottom Line Khakis

The new Levi Strauss Wellthread collection doesn't just innovate for the environment, designers also considered worker well-being in their designs.
Thanks to Bison Brewing for sponsoring! Looks delicious, don't it.

Levi Strauss & Amour Vert Chat with 3p Publisher Nick Aster on Sustainable Apparel

Please join us in person or online for our latest "Stories & Beer Fireside Chat" next Thursday the 22th at 6:30 Pacific time…
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Tobacco Farmers Could Pivot to Chickpeas, Thanks to PepsiCo

PepsiCo's hummus company, The Sabra Dipping Co., could entice tobacco farmers into growing chickpeas by offering local farm communities a more stable, reliable…

How Patagonia, Levi Strauss Connect with Consumers Through Sustainability

One thread running through each company's sustainability journey is customer engagement - from idea generation to initiative roll-out to product end-of-life. Both Levi…
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Levi Strauss Partnering With RISD on Sustainable Design Education

Levi Strauss & Co. has recently begun to work closely with the Rhode Island Institute of Design (RISD) on sustainable design education.

Levi’s Quietly Announces Climate Change Strategy

Climate change remains such a high voltage issue for people that addressing it as a corporation can no longer be effectively marketed as…
apple, inc. releases list of suppliers

Apple’s New Supply Chain List is a Cry for Help

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