L'Oreal: CSR & Sustainability News

The L’Oréal Group is a cosmetics and beauty company with its registered office in Paris.


L’Oreal USA Tracks Lofty Sustainability Goals in Annual Report

L’Oreal USA, the largest subsidiary of the L’Oreal Group, reduced carbon emissions by 57 percent last year. But that's not all.
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10 Reasons to Make a Social Mission the Heart of Your Marketing

Today's consumers are looking for products with purpose and brands who care about more than just the bottom line. Here's how to reach…
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What This 3-D Printed Lip Balm Jar Means for the Future of Cosmetics Packaging

Widespread availability (and affordability for that matter) of printers has supercharged experimentation -- re-shaping and redefining design and prototyping in the process.
Forest clearing for palm oil, like this in Sabah, Malaysia, destroys habitat for endangered species and contributes to climate change.

Is Palm Oil-Driven Deforestation the Secret Ingredient in Your Favorite Products?

As I delved into the commitments these companies have made to address palm-related deforestation and peatland destruction, I was disheartened to see how…
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Women in CSR: Pamela Gill Alabaster, L’Oréal

Pamela Gill Alabaster, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Sustainable Development & Public Affairs, L’Oréal, talks about her career, inspiration and recent accomplishments in…

Forest Footprint Disclosure’s New Report Shows Slow Progress by Business

Don't miss the Forest Footprint Disclosure's (FFD) fourth annual report - given the extremely important role forests play in most of the major…
These women perform proverbial miracles inside their companies every day. Do you recognize them?

35 Female CSR Leaders You’ve (Possibly) Never Heard Of

Men earn nearly 20% more than women among those at the top of the sustainability profession. But there are many female CSR leaders…
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British Regulatory Agency Bans Christian Dior Mascara Ad

The British regulatory agency, the Advertising Standards Authority banned the Christian Dior mascara ad with Natalie Portman for digitally lengthening Portman's eyelashes.

FDA Issues Warning Letter To Lancome

The FDA wrote a letter to Lancôme, owned by L'Oréal, earlier this month concerning the claims the cosmetics company makes about eight of…

10 Outstanding CSR Reports

In an earlier post, Christian Hicks, Creative Director of Corporate Responsibility at AHA! listed seven signs he uses to determine if a company…

L’Oréal’s “Reconstructed Biologic Tissue” May Make Animal Testing Obsolete

Last week L’Oréal released its sustainable development report and shared its progress from sustainability innovation to stakeholder engagement.

Suppliers Lag Behind in Reducing Carbon Emissions

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), which has been collecting GHG emissions data from companies for nearly a decade, recently released a report which…

Airbrushing, CSR and False Advertising: L’Oreal Ad Banned

At first glance, the connection between photo editing and CSR may seem weak. But  responsible advertising is a key tenet of sustainable practice.…

L’Oreal Has Big Sustainability Goals

L’Oréal released its 2010 Sustainable Development Report on June 10, which it published as an integrated website. The cosmetics company has set big…

In Search of Fairness: CSR and Advertising

Advertising has the power not just to sell a product but also to make an impression on how we view the company that…