Corporate Social Responsibility Communication in the Digital Era

Communicating your corporate social responsibility (CSR) vision online is just one more way to help your company stand out, reach out and engage.

Advertiser Exodus Continues As O’Reilly Leaves for ‘Vacation’

Sixty major brands have pulled their ads from Bill O'Reilly's show in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal. Ratings for the show…

Google Will Boost the Use of Artificial Intelligence to Avoid Offensive Videos

Google is applying machine learning technology to monitor some YouTube videos in order to separate advertisers from offensive content.

JPMorgan: We Moderated Our Online Advertising, And Nothing Changed

This month JPMorgan slashed its online advertising to avoid being placed next to fake news or offensive videos -- and it says the…

Toyota Makes A Bold Pitch For Hydrogen Fuel Cell Mirai

The new outdoor ad campaign for Toyota's hydrogen-powered Mirai combines the old-school billboard platform with a high-tech twist.

When Boycotts Work: Breitbart, YouTube in Tailspin Over Hate Speech

The Sleeping Giants boycott against Breitbart has pushed hundreds of advertisers to flee with no end in sight. Now, YouTube is also under…

2018 World Cup in Russia is Toxic to Sponsors

The 32-team World Cup is usually a global gold mine for FIFA and its sponsors, which pay up to $50 million to have…

How NGOs Can Effectively Communicate Their Missions in 2017

Although NGOs work hands-on to help businesses develop sustainable practices, their communication approach must be optimized for life in the year 2017.

Facebook Improves Transparency, But Groups Say More Work to Do

Facebook will allow a media watchdog to review its ad metrics in an effort to show accountability to its advertisers. Meanwhile, some conservative…

3p Weekend: Are Boycotts the New Normal?

The first weeks of the Donald Trump administration were tumultuous at best. But among the policy disputes, we're noticing another curious trend: boycotts…

Super Bowl Ads: 5 Companies That Weren’t Afraid to Take a Political Risk

With Donald Trump on everyone's minds, this year's Super Bowl ads we nothing if not inspired and controversial.

Who is 84 Lumber, and Why the Radical Immigration Advert?

84 Lumber's SuperBowl ad was nothing if not provocative. Say what you will about the inspiring message, but the ad touched nerves and…

Budweiser, the ‘Great American Lager,’ Plans Immigration Super Bowl Ad

A Budweiser ad spot planned for Super Bowl Sunday shares the story of the beer brand's immigrant founder.

How Companies Can Combat Public Skepticism of CSR

Although more businesses are seriously engaging with corporate social responsibility, the public is becoming increasingly skeptical of their efforts. These steps can help…

TransUnion, Equifax Fined for Misleading Credit Scores

Do you know your credit score? Chances are, says the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the score you pay for may not be exactly…