Was Occupy Wall Street a Tipping Point? What Does it Mean for Your Business in 2012?

3p is proud to partner with the Presidio Graduate School’s Managerial Marketing course on a blogging series about “sustainable marketing.” This post is…

Environmental Stewardship on the NASCAR Circuit….Confusing?

In Ken Belson’s New York Times article on NASCAR, the author highlights the green initiatives being taken within the industry. NASCAR, going green?…
Steve Tributes

Faceless: What The Loss Of Steve Jobs Means For Apple’s Brand

There can never be a replacement for Mr. Jobs, but with him goes a key marketing advantage for Apple. As the dust settles…

Stakeholder Engagement Marketing at O.N.E Coconut Water

By Jeff Klein In the first post in this 3-part series on Stakeholder Engagement Marketing (SEM) I proposed that marketing is misunderstood and…

Nike & Puma, Reframing the Sustainability Message for a Younger Market

Both Nike and Puma adopted a strategy of creating a movement around reframing the word “sustainability”. Although both movements were targeted towards demographically…
realan surf

Billboards to Tote Bags

Relan LLC is turning vinyl billboard waste into functional and fashionable accessories, giving the new meaning to repurposed materials.
James Parle Mount Shasta Winter

Risky Business: Corporate Sponsorship of Extreme Athletes

Some of the most challenging big wall climbs in Yosemite that most often take two to three days for highly experienced climbers can…
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Renewable Energy Land Leases: How to get a Slice of the Pie

This post outlines key considerations for property owners to evaluate when leasing their land for renewable energy development. There are pros and cons…
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Your Marketing Career: Making It Socially Responsible

A career panel at the 2011 Net Impact Conference featured experts from the marketing and branding industries. The panelists spoke about their career…

Bank of America – Now with “Fee” Checking!

Bank of America is the first of a number of banks looking to unveil a monthly debit card fee upon its' customers. This…

Cola-Cola Goes White to Help Protect Polar Bears’ Arctic Home

On November 1, those red cans of Coca-Cola will fade away. In a partnership with WWF, white cans will roll out to highlight…
Occupy Street

How are You Hearing About Occupy Wall Street?

Will places like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter be the next stage where we can actually get uncensored news about the current events happening…

Turning Common Assumptions of Branding on Their Heads

COMMON launched in January as a “creative community for rapidly prototyping social change" to link entrepreneurs with the creative community.
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Can Brands and Marketing Deliver a Sustainable Future?

Last week, following the release of the ‘consumer futures 2020’ report, an interesting group of people gathered in New York do discuss the…

Cause Marketing: What Came First, the Fan or the Page?

Cause marketing has boomed in the last five years. From high-profile companies like Pepsi to small non-profits, it’s almost impossible to update your…