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Mattel, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the design, manufacture, and marketing of various toy products worldwide. Its products comprise fashion dolls and accessories, vehicles and playsets, and games and puzzles. The company sells its products directly to retailers, including discount and free-standing toy stores, chain stores, department stores, and other retail outlets; wholesalers; and distribution centers. It also markets its products through catalogue, Web site, and agents and distributors. The company was founded in 1945 and is headquartered in El Segundo, California.

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Updated Barbie Dolls Tackle Body Image with Diversity

Mattel's new lineup of Barbie dolls is adding diversity to the classic toy and expanding the conversation about healthy body image for young…
Entrepreneur Barbie, Barbie doll, Mattel, entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, Leon Kaye

Here Comes Entrepreneur Barbie: Will Women Buy It?

Barbie is going full-on MBA with the launch of Entrepreneur Barbie, available online or at a toy store near you. But will women…

Mattel Missed a Big Opportunity with ‘Entrepreneur Barbie’

Mattel could have used the timely idea of Entrepreneur Barbie to break the mold and present a realistic role model, but it stayed…
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Is Mattel, the World’s Largest Toy Company, Playing Responsibly?

Mattel's newest report shows the goals it has set and progress it has made toward sustainability.

Recent Corporate Citizenship Ranking Gives Chevron Dubious Honor

Chevron was one of the surprises in a recent corporate citizenship ranking that may get some people talking about how to improve the…

A Tale of Two Friedmans: CSR and Risk

Things have changed in 40 years and it makes little sense in 2012 to grumble about Milton Friedman’s treatise any longer. Acceptable corporate…

Mattel Says Yes to Greenpeace, No to Rainforest Destruction

Last week, Greenpeace made another impressive victory in its ongoing battle against paper company Asia Pulp and Paper (APP). After a four month…

Mattel CSR: Is it Over for Barbie?

Last year it was decided by popular vote that Barbie made a better journalist than an environmental activist. Probably just as well because…

Mattel’s Green Progress, from Joke to Serious Business

A few years ago the toy company Mattel tried to boost its green cred by launching Bcause, a line of craftsy-styled girls’ tote…

Influencing Consumer Perception of Value and Quality

By Seri McClendon Marketing is one of the most powerful forces in today’s society. Targeted and repetitive communication of a product’s key benefits…

Buy Green on Black Friday

After enjoying your turkey and stuffing, do you read through the copious number of ads and sales flyers and plan your shopping route…
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