Why Metrics Matter When It Comes to Impact Investing

Over past years, as I’ve both participated in and observed the evolution of metrics and impact reporting discussions and practice, I’ve come to…

Latest Sustainability Assessment Tools: S-CORE and Future-Fit

Two new tools featured at last month's ISSP Conference, S-CORE and The Future-Fit Business Benchmark, are helping businesses better assess sustainability.

Four Leaders Share How to Manage Sustainability Metrics

The metrics used to measure an organization's non-financial performance present a churning assortment of evolving standards. At the recent Sustainable Brands “New Metrics…

How to Measure Community Impact

A group of 13 CSR leaders recently came together for a pilot program to test a model that would measure the broader aspects…
Deloitte Review - Issue 12, 2013

Deloitte Shows the Market Value of Strong ESG Management

If sustainability is so great for companies why we don’t see more investors paying attention to it? Is it that the business case…

GreenBiz: Sustainability is Missing a Good Story and the Right Metrics

At GreenBiz Forum NY, I heard two main messages. First, facts don’t matter as much as storytelling – to achieve change we need…

EPA and P&G Research New Tools for Measuring Sustainability Objectives

The US EPA and P&G has joined together to research new tools for measuring sustainability objectives that goes beyond supplier scorecards.

How Baseball Could Usher in a Greener American Future

Major League Baseball broke the color barrier 7 years before The Supreme Court ruled in favor of desegregation. Today, MLB is stepping up…

Tips for Successfully Working With Metrics and Reporting

By: David Jaber Many CSR professionals struggle with setting benchmarks, measuring progress toward goals and evaluating past performance. But it doesn’t have to…

The Three Green Building B’s: Benchmarking, Best Practices, and (Major) Benefits

By David Jaber Facility assessments (investigating a building’s energy, water, material usage and waste, similar to LEED O+M or other facility greening audits)…

Communicating Sustainability 2010: Three Best Practices Shared on Day 1

I had the opportunity to attend Communicating Sustainability 2010 yesterday, a conference organized by Communitellegence and hosted by Applied Materials that focused on…

Defining and Measuring Sustainability: Still An Elusive Task

Yesterday morning at Sustainable Agricultural Partnerships 2010, Sylvain Cuperlier, VP of Worldwide Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability for Dole, set the tone for the…

Three Keys to Understanding Sustainability Rankings

David Letterman isn’t the only one crazy for top ten lists; corporate sustainability rankings have become one way companies prove their green laurels…