Microsoft data center efficiency

The team at Microsoft has outlined their latest analysis of data center energy usage and opportunities for efficiencies in a recent white paper entitled The IT Energy Efficiency Imperative. We have partnered with Microsoft to run key findings from the white paper as a ten-part series.

The white paper can be downloaded here in PDF format.

This series is curated by RP Siegel


Seizing the Opportunity for Data Center Efficiency

The importance of embracing IT energy efficiency has never been more urgent than it is today. The integration of IT into almost every…

Principles and Practices of Enterprise IT Efficiency

Taking into account all of the opportunities for increasing IT energy efficiency, how can an organization best approach the challenge of making its…

The Efficiency Opportunity Roadmap

Starting at the Silicon level, certain components, such as “green” RAM and disk drives, can use less power at normal operational loads through…

A Vision of the Future for IT Efficiency

Although energy efficiency is important, it doesn’t pay if it significantly reduces productivity, performance, and reliability. Some important systems are underutilized by design.…

Applications: the Missing Link in Data Center Efficiency

Most IT energy efficiency efforts have traditionally focused on physical infrastructure—deploying more energy-efficient computer hardware and cooling systems, using operating system power management…

How Thinking of IT as a Utility Can Improve Efficiency

Server underutilization is a major barrier to energy efficiency. Most large IT departments have been trying to improve server utilization for some years,…

Data Storage and the Environmental Benefits of the Cloud

Two major trends in today’s world: concern about energy consumption and the ever-increasing use of computing power were bound to collide and indeed…

The Pattern of Overbuilding: Server Utilization and Energy Productivity for Green IT

In the previous post, we made the analogy between computational equipment and home furnaces, both of which tend to be overdesigned in light…

Data Center Efficiency: The IT Energy Efficiency Imperative

Tight budgets, rising energy costs, and limits on electric power availability are hindering the ability of information technology (IT) departments to meet the growing demand…