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Congressional Climate Witch Hunt Reaches an Impasse’s outside counsel requested a meeting with the Congressional Science Committee last month to discuss Lamar Smith's subpoenas and issues related to climate…
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Climate Science Witch Hunt Expands to NGOs

Lamar Smith, chairman of the House Science Committee, is out to discredit climate scientists with a political witch hunt that's now extending to…
Lamar Smith

NASA Climate Budget Sees Cuts As CO2 Levels Surpass 400 PPM

In a shocking development, the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, headed by Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Texas), submitted a new budget for…

NASA: Groundwater Depletion Threatens Southwest Water Supplies

Groundwater depletion accounts for more than 75 percent of total freshwater loss across the Colorado River Basin, a "shocking" finding that compounds threats…
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What Makes a Civilization Collapse?

A new study from a cross-disciplinary group at NASA states that in the past a number of highly sophisticated, complex civilizations such as…
Thousands gather at the Price the Polluters Rally in Melbourne, Australia in 2012.

A Carbon Tax to Rule Them All

Put simply, a tax shift means to cut one tax and replace it with another—such as to cut income and/or payroll taxes, and…

Nike Launches a Free Materials App, Continues Innovative Trend

Nike's new app is not just a valuable sustainability working tool for designers but also an interesting milestone in Nike’s journey from open…
Tesla Showroom

What is the U.S. Federal Government’s Role in Creating Innovation?

Can Congress and federal agencies play a significant role in developing innovative solutions to the nation’s most intractable problems?

How Satellites Can Be Used to Track World Pollution

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have produced quality analysis of pollution in major cities around the world – using readings taken in outer…
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Fuel Cell Energy: Pros and Cons

What exactly is a fuel cell? You can think of it as a battery that you add fuel to, in order to keep…
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NIKE, NASA Just Do It, Partner on Waste

NASA and NIKE kicked off “LAUNCH: Beyond Waste Challenge” to find 10 “game changing” innovations that could revamp current waste management systems.
NASA leads charge for fuel efficient airplanes

NASA’s $11 Million Green Flight Challenge Pays Off

>NASA has challenged the aviation industry to come up with a new concept for a next generation airplane, and preliminary results indicate the…

NASA Energy Forum Announces Top Ten Energy Innovations

The group, whose name I think is a terrific leveraging of NASA’s brand, works primarily through it’s identification of world-class visionaries and the…

How Earth-Friendly Will the Skies Be in Twenty Years?

Ready or not, the future is being created now, partly by deliberate planning and partly by colliding circumstances. Some of that deliberate planning,…

Taking Cues from Birds to Green the Airline Industry

Stanford University research group takes biomimicry to whole new heights At this summer’s Airbus “Fly Your Ideas” competition, an international call for sustainability…