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Citi bike

Should Citibank Bail Out Citi Bike?

Citibank's namesake bike-share program is about to hit the skids and is struggling to attract new sponsors. Should the bank pony up some…
The Radchenko-Halabi family of New York City pose with one week’s worth of their household’s trash, as part of Glad’s Waste in Focus project. Recyclables are on the left-hand side of the photo, and items destined for the landfill are on the right.

Can Glad Start a National Conversation on Waste?

How much waste do you throw away every day? That’s the question the Glad Products Co. hopes people will ask themselves after viewing…

Clean Solar Initiative II To Add 100 MW of Solar Power on Long Island

The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) and PSEG Long Island increasingly see solar and other forms of renewable energy as a flexible, reliable…

Ridesharing Firms Struggle to Meet Needs of Americans with Disabilities

Like many living in San Francisco and other major cities across the United States, I have come to rely on transportation network companies…
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New York City to Use Food Waste to Heat Homes

New York City will reduce the amount of food waste sent to landfills by converting it into energy.

How Bike Lanes Increase Small Business Revenue

Lesser known examples from Memphis, Ft. Worth Texas, Long Beach, and New York City
Drive Change Team

NYC Food Trucks Give Young Ex-Cons A Second Chance for Employment

New York City-based startup food truck business Drive Change is using social enterprise to provide job opportunities to formerly incarcerated youth and lower…
Citi Bike

The Citi Bike, PR Boon for Citibank

Citi Bike is a runaway success in NYC. Is this the future of social impact marketing?
Hurricane Sandy Flooding Avenue C at East 6th Street

New York City Tackles the Perils of Climate Change

New York City May Michael Bloomberg cited the perils of climate change and the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy in his call for…
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AT&T Solar Phone Charging Stations Keep New Yorkers Connected

New York City, residents will be able to stay a tad more connected thanks to the roll out of free solar powered mobile…
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San Francisco Partners with ‘Sharing’ Startups to Save Lives During Disaster

Technology is changing the way people respond to emergencies. When Hurricane Sandy resulted in dead and backed-up phone lines, people turned to social…
Green Spaces party

Marissa Feinberg Reflects on 5 Years at Green Spaces

An interview with Marissa Fienberg, co-founder of Green Spaces, one of New York City’s 20-plus coworking spaces that celebrated its fifth anniversary last…
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New York vs. the Sharing Economy

Both the state and city of New York have been challenging a number of sharing economy companies and their disruptive models, including Airbnb,…
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How Bicycling Creates Economic Impact: A Tale of Two Cities

Two studies from Portland and New York City reveal bicyclists spend more than their peers who arrive at the same neighborhoods via car…
Duane Reade

Duane Reade Asks New Yorkers to Decide Which Stores Will Switch to Electric Trucks

Duane Reade asks the public to help it decide which of its stores in New York City will switch to electric trucks. Participants…