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Unilever & Gisele Take Top Honors at International Green Awards

The Sixth International Green Awards celebration took place at a glittering gala in London last week. The awards, which are accredited by the…

The BMW i3: Advancing Automotive Sustainability

With its first mass produced all electric vehicle, the i3, BMW has completely redesigned the EV concept. Instead of taking a car and…

Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt Target Different Drivers

This piece explores the different target audiences that Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt have tailored their messaging and marketing to.
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My Nissan LEAF Test Drive: Acceleration at Speed of Electrons

Imagine being next to a Mercedes at an urban red traffic light while test driving the all electric Nissan LEAF. You are sitting…

Shared Value & Partnerships: The Makings of a Collaborative Economy

The following post is part of TriplePundit’s coverage of the 2011 Net Impact Conference in Portland, Oregon. To read the rest of our…

The Electric Car Branding Trick Even Nissan’s LEAF is Missing

In the past ten years, environmentally friendly cars have become a fixture in advertising. First came the Prius. Then BMW claimed its electric batteries boost…
Bill Roth recharging an electric Chevy Volt

EV Charging: How Easy And How Much?

Imagine a day where you can drive by your local gas station and its ever escalating prices without having to stop to refill…
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Hundreds of EV Drivers Urge Costco to Keep Chargers

Plug In America, a very vocal, electric vehicle (“EV”) advocacy group, has issued an “action alert” to its members, after Costco Corporation announced…

Nissan Leaf Will Power Homes in Japan

This week, automaker Nissan  announced a two-way charging system that will allow the new all-electric Nissan Leaf  to not only charge up, but…
The Nissan LEAF - range panned by BBC's Top Gear

BBC’s Top Gear Laughs at Nissan LEAF’s Expense

I’m going to make an assertion here. Any car enthusiast is, by definition, a fan of the BBC show Top Gear. Unless of…

Will Ford’s Electric Butterflies Fly?

Among the talking points we heard repeatedly last week at the Forward with Ford trends event where that the soon-to-be-released Ford Focus electric…

PlugShare App Removes EV Owner Range Anxiety & Creates Community

I don’t know about you, but for perhaps the first time ever, I want to buy a Nissan. The Leaf, of course. But…

EV Company Better Place Announces Pricing for Denmark Launch

Better Place, the electric car company that has developed battery swapping technology for its vehicles, announced pricing on March 3rd for their entry…
ECO:Nomics - Creating Environmental Capital

Ford’s Flexible Strategy to Drive Toward Lower Impact

With sustainability becoming more and more of a concern with consumers, automobile manufacturers are providing solutions to meet that demand.  Likewise, there needs…

5 Green Products to Watch in 2011-2012

By Elizabeth A. Weisser Innovating for sustainability brings with it exciting opportunities for businesses to grow their top-line sales and even evolve and…
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