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‘Alternative’ History of Nokia Shines a Light on Globalization’s Dark Side

Executives and investors benefited, and labor suffered, as Nokia experienced its ups and downs, according to an "alternative corporate history" of the company.…

StEP Initiative is Turning e-Waste Into an e-Resource

Posing a threat to health and ecosystems, urban mining of e-waste and cradle-to-cradle product life cycles could turn threat into opportunity. In partnership…
The Lumia 800, one of the new Nokia phone models featuring the Microsoft operating system.

Nokia Releases 2011 Sustainability Report and New Company Strategy

Nokia's 2011 corporate social responsibility report unveiled a new company focus and reported solid CSR results.

Nokia Brings Phones to the Billion at the Base of the Pyramid

Nokia's latest sustainability report for 2011 shows very clearly how Nokia uses sustainability to address very difficult challenges in one of the worst…

Is a Universal Phone Charger Standard Around the Corner?

The constant evolution of technology has been breathtaking to behold, but it does have some dark sides. Not the least of these is…

Employees Get Involved in Social Media at Nokia

by Cindy Mehallow When organizations use social media, it should be all about listening and having a two-way conversation.  That’s a radical departure…

Video Interview: Suzanne Shelton on The American Green Hispanic Consumer

Issues of sustainability transcend ethic groups. This is an interconnected, global world with 4 billion mobile phone users according to Kirsi Sormunen, VP…

Nokia Wraps Up With Sustainable Packaging

I love it when a company gets its sustainable house in order before tooting its own horn. Nokia has been quietly making the…

Nokia Holds Top Spot In Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics

Nokia is the clear winner in Greenpeace’s 2010 Guide to Greener Electronics. Its score even increased to 7.5, up from last year. One…
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