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Is Nuclear Energy Compatible With Sustainability?

Nuclear fission is often debated as a possible solution to our energy needs – after all it produces essentially zero pollution. Unless of course, you count that pesky nuclear waste which must be dealt with in someone’s back yard.

We have covered the subject, and its many pros and cons, on TriplePundit for years. Please read on for our insights.

Diablo Canyon Power Plant

California to Phase Out Nuclear Power By 2025

Pacific Gas and Electric will phase out its nuclear power production in California by 2025. That means the power produced at Diablo Canyon…
ClearPath Foundation founder Jay Faison implored clean energy advocates Thursday to think about how to communicate more effectively about the economic and carbon-cutting potential of nuclear energy.

Nuclear Gets a New Champion

Clean-energy philanthropist Jay Faison implored clean-energy advocates on Thursday to think about how to communicate more effectively about the economic and carbon-cutting potential…

Unlikely Allies: How the U.S.-Iran Deal Could Strengthen the Divestment Campaign

The U.S.-Iran deal may offer a surprising boost to the international divestment campaign, a growing social movement that seeks to persuade investors to…
A supporter of climate action holds up a sign at the Walk Against Warming in Melbourne, Australia in 2007. A great deal has changed in clean tech since then.

3p Weekend: 8 Clean Tech Trends to Watch in 2014

The clean tech market exploded in 2013, and experts expect this year to be even bigger. To make sure you don't miss a…

Nuclear Energy’s Role in Sustainable Development

Access to electricity generated by clean energy sources is one of the most pressing issues concerning sustainable development for the future. How can…
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Native Americans, Renewable Energy and Environmental Justice

The potential is apparent, but will renewable energy actually revise the legacy of natural resource development and environmental justice for Native Americans? Renewable…

Entergy: Utilities Should Focus on Climate Change Risk Mitigation

At the 2013 Climate Leadership Conference in DC, Rod West, Executive Vice President at Entergy Corporation urged the 450 attendees to stop focusing…
Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 8.43.08 PM

Noble Profit Moment With Wal Van Lierop, Chrysalix

Wal Van Lierop, CEO and founder of Chrysalix, a clean tech venture capital firm in Vancouver, talks about the financial and practical value…
nuclear reator

Liquid Fluoride Thorium Power: Pros and Cons

Last August, I posted an article on Thorium reactors, a form of nuclear power that supposedly overcomes many of the concerns associated with…

Sierra Club’s Nukespeak Revives the Nuclear Debate

It was nearly 30 years ago, in the wake of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident, when the classic Nukespeak from Sierra Club…
nuclear power

Are Thorium Reactors the Carbon-free Answer?

Let me make one thing clear from the outset. I have never been a proponent of nuclear power plants. I think there are…

Renewable Energy Usage Surpasses Nuclear

There are a ton of energy sources.  Some are renewable, some not so renewable.  On the renewable front, we have a bit of…

UK Considers New, Subsidized Nuclear Power Plants

With public opinion at a possible turning point concerning the role of nuclear in energy mixes, the UK’s Green Investment Bank is tight-lipped…

How Food & Energy Efficiency Can Support a Growing Population

By David Croushore The world population is expected to reach 7 billion in the next year, before climbing as high as 10 billion…

CSR Tip for Electric Power Companies: Don’t forget your stakeholders

By Michelle Weijing Lau Electricity generation is the largest single source of GHG emissions in the United States, accounting for 41% of all…
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