Will President Obama be able to push more aggressive climate policy in his second mandate?

What Will Obama 2.0 Bring For Climate Policy?

President Obama gave a nod to climate change in his acceptance speech on election night, but reducing the United States' greenhouse gas (GHG)…

The Top 10 Chicago Area CSR Reporters and Performers

Is the Chicago Metropolitan Area (aka Chicagoland) a hub of CSR leaders?

Obama Surprised At Climate Change No Show During Presidential Debates

President Obama expressed his surprise last week that climate change didn't come up during the debates.

Why Vote Mitt Romney? Not Because of Climate Change

There are probably a couple of reasons to vote for Mitt Romney. Yet, climate change shouldn’t be one of them. If anything, climate…

Aviation Coalition Asks Obama to Challenge EU Emissions Charges

A letter signed by 19 organizations, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, asks President Obama to stop the EU from charging airplanes for…
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Big Oil Spends Big Cash Opposing Obama

Unlike 2008, this year big oil outspend cleantech by four to one when it comes to TV ads. What caused this change in…

3 Thoughts for GM While It Halts Chevy Volt Production (Again)

August was an all time record month for the Chevy Volt. Yet, apparently the sales of the Volt are still not strong enough…

Obama’s Plan For Improved Gas Mileage is Delayed

The new U.S. gas mileage standards for cars that was supposed to be released on August 15th, has been delayed. The final rule…

Is Obama Really Bad For Business?

Taken out of context, Obama does sound somewhat patronizing. But put the remark in its full context (see below) and it is clear…
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History Redux: The Political Campaign Against Sustainability

Cognitive dissonance may help explain the slide in popularity of many sustainability initiatives in the U.S., seen particularly among Republicans.
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White House Working Group to Ask: What the Frack?

To frack or not to frack--a question for a White House working group.
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Rising Gas Prices: Obama’s Foil?

Jobs are being created. Consumer confidence remains high. Housing stats are up for the first time in years. The global financial markets are,…

Obama Hammers the GOP’s Energy Plan

Obama nailed the GOP when it comes to energy issues, while speaking at the University of Miami last week.

Federal Government Directed To Significantly Increase Biobased Procurement

President Obama issued a presidential memorandum on February 24, 2012 directing federal agencies to “significantly increase” procurement of biobased products.
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The Green Side of the State of the Union: Obama Wants to Have His Cake and Eat it Too

President Obama made his energy vision very clear, explaining that “this country needs an all-out, all-of-the-above strategy that develops every available source of…