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Gas Stations Close as Fire Rages Near Alberta Oil Sands

In May, a wildfire in northern Alberta, Canada, forced oil companies to halt extraction operations and evacuate some 8,000 workers from the oil…

Are We Nearing Peak Oil?

According to Bernstein Research, peak oil – when oil usage is expected to begin falling globally – could arrive as soon as 2030.
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Oil Sands Giant Tells Shareholders to Vote ‘Yes’ on Climate Change Disclosure

Suncor, a $31 billion integrated energy giant based in Calgary, Alberta, is advising its shareholders to vote “yes” on a proposal that mandates…
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Canadian Oil Sands: Lesser of Several Evils?

If Canada wants the oil sands industry to develop and thrive, and produce the economic value and benefits we all need, then we…

Shell Backs Out of Alberta Oil Sands Project

For the second time in 12 months, Royal Dutch Shell has put a hold on its Pierre River oil sands project saying it…
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Shell Banks on Runaway Climate Change

Although Shell publicly supports mitigating climate change, its actions show it is banking on runaway climate change with tar sands and Arctic drilling.

More Oil, but Higher Prices

The combination of pump pain and pollution economics are driving consumers toward a disruptive shift into electric cars, renewable energy, urban lifestyles, energy…
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Shell Launches First Carbon Capture and Storage Project in Oil Sands

Shell recently announced that it will start construction on a $1.36 billion carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in the Canadian oil sands.

Canadian Watershed’s Oil Sands Pose Challenge for Keepers

An international group of experts gathering in Vancouver is calling on Canadian and other government leaders to establish a transboundary water and natural…

Tar Sands Oil: Pros and Cons

Canada has oil reserves of 170 billion barrels, more than Iran and Nigeria combined. Much of that oil has been considered “not economically…

Can Protests Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline?

With a revolution in Libya grabbing headlines and the president on vacation, you might be forgiven for being unaware of major protests underway…

Are Oil Sands Companies Pushing a Technology Solution to a Policy Problem?

Companies involved in Canadian oil sands have been boasting recently of new technologies that can reduce the environmental damage caused by extraction. But…
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Oil Sands Stand to Gain from Deepwater Horizon Disaster

No one is celebrating the Deepwater Horizon disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico. But once the oil settles, so to speak, one…

BP Oil Sands Resolution Defeated As New Pipeline Moves Forward

BP shareholders overwhelmingly rejected a resolution that would have required the company to report on the environmental, financial and reputational risks of developing…

Western Oil Companies Challenged on Oil Sands Liabilities as Chinese Move In

An international alliance of individual and institutional investors have filed resolutions to require four of the world’s largest oil companies to report on…