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Target Inches Closer Selling to 100 Percent Sustainable Seafood

Target is edging closer to 100 percent sustainable seafood, due to close work with its environmental partner, FishWise.
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Obama Establishes First Marine Monument in the Atlantic Ocean

On Thursday, President Barack Obama established the first U.S. marine monument in Atlantic waters. Some stakeholders are elated. Others, not so much.
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Seafood Alternatives Could Help Relieve Pressure on the World’s Oceans

As is the case with fake meats such as substitutes for the “bloody burger” and chicken strips made from pea flower, it may…
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In a Step Forward for Oceans, Obama Expands Largest Protected Area on Earth

The expansion preserves some of the world’s most pristine coral reefs and other marine ecosystems where new species are frequently discovered.
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Could Omega-3s from Algae Save the World’s Oceans?

TerraVia, formerly known as Solazyme, announced that it is entering the aquaculture sector with an algae-based feed product that it says can help…
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How 3-D Ocean Farming Can Save the Seas

Inspired in part by University of Connecticut research, Long Islander Bren Smith shifted away from culling oysters and is now recognized as a…

Seafood Origin Scrutinized Under Proposed U.S. Rules

A new federal program would scrutinize the origin of seafood caught outside the United States. The intent is to limit fraud and protect…
Can seafood play a starring role on our plates? Photo by Devin Harvey.

Sustainable Seafood: Four Issues to Watch in 2016

You’re likely to hear about these top issues in sustainable seafood all year long: seafood’s role on the changing dinner plate, human rights…
A fish farming field at Kampachi Farms Mexico, an open-ocean aquaculture business focused on growing sashimi-grade fish.

Fish 2.0 Entrepreneurs Shape Future of Sustainable Seafood

Our oceans and the people who depend on them are in trouble. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, about 70…

Seafood Companies Bolster the President’s Fight Against IUU Fishing

Last year, the Obama administration set its sights on preserving America’s seafood and the global supply chain by launching a task force to…
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Marine Stewardship Council Develops a New Chain-of-Custody Monitor

With seafood stocks rapidly declining in many sectors of the industry, the push is on to find ways to improve sustainable fishing methods…

The Diminishing Tuna: Round Two

How do you stop the extinction of a species? That seems to be today's big question, especially when it comes to finding world…

Fisheries Are in Crisis: Here’s How It Affects Us All

Global fish stocks are in trouble. The popularity of fish protein, in addition to an ever-growing world population, has led to a fishery…

Grave Threats Face World’s Seventh Largest Economy

The economic value of the world's oceans “rivals that of the world's largest economies,” researchers from the World Wildlife Fund, Australia's Global Change…
Neil Sims of Kampachi Farms.

Celebrating Previously Frozen Farmed Fish

I live in Maine, a state where it’s not infrequent to see the bumper sticker “Friends don’t let friends eat farmed salmon.” While…