Ford Plug-ins

Sierra Club Reviews Plug-in Hybrids

The Sierra Club releases its own guide to plug-in hybrids.
Galena KS

Can Electric Cars Give an Economic Lift to Route 66?

Last week, Ford Motor Co invited Leon Kaye to test drive a 2013 Ford Fusion Energy plug-in hybrid from St. Louis to Tulsa.
Crossing The Chasm

Video Interview: Geoffrey Moore on Crossing The Chasm and Escape Velocity

Why is America still addicted to oil despite the pain we continuously suffer at the gasoline pump? Today’s gasoline prices are at record…

Ford Announces Plan to Sell Rooftop Solar Panels with Electric Vehicles

Auto companies with electric vehicle offerings are increasingly taking the opportunity to build links between their vehicles and renewable energy. Perhaps in response…

Supply (Not Demand) Explains Sales Differences Between LEAF and Volt

Sales figures for the Nissan LEAF and the Chevrolet Volt are being closely watched. Since both cars represent a new breed of vehicle,…

Ford Announces Extension to Range of Electrified Vehicles

It was just a few years ago that Ford, along with the rest of Detroit’s auto manufacturers, found themselves sidelined for ignoring fuel…
The new Nissan Leaf taken by the author at the San Francisco auto show

With Electric Vehicles Come New Acronyms

BY Phil Covington Every industry loves its acronyms and the electric vehicle business is no exception. As a new wave of electric vehicles…

SabaMotors, Price Competitive Electric Goes 0-60 in Five Seconds

A recent Nielsen Company survey found that a majority of U.S. consumers would buy an electric vehicle. BUT, 65% of American car buyers…
Chevy Volt

Chevy Eliminating Consumer Barriers to Electric Cars

Driving range is a huge barrier for consumers regarding all electric cars. Granted, 90% of us drive 100 miles or less per day.…

Interview: Trisha Jung, Chief Marketing Manager for Nissan

A technology revolution is about to reshape the cars we drive and the fuels we use. This revolution will eliminate the $800 billion…
Plugless Power

Evatran’s Plugless Power Makes EV Charging as Simple as Parking

Besides the Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt, charging infrastructure and charging stations for plug-in electric vehicles, were the hot product announcements at last…

2010 Transportation Predictions: What is the Reality?

Earth2Tech has posted an interesting article which takes a look at some of the predictions made for green transportation at the beginning of…

Toyota Now Wants to Be Your Electric Car Company, Too

After leading the hybrid car market with its best-selling Prius, Toyota declined, quite publicly, to join the rush into all electric and plug-in…
cyber monday

Where Were the Electric Utilities on Cyber Monday?

Where Were the Electric Utilities on Cyber Monday? I post this question drawing upon the following two data-points: 1. Almost 100 million Americans…

Electric Vehicles: The News Keeps Coming

In years to come, we may look back on 2009 as the year that electric vehicles became mainstream–at least as far as the…
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